Heath Ledger’s Possible Love Child

Photos: WENN

With Heath Ledger’s family already up in arms over his estate, the possible existence of a love child with a former flame of Heath’s might cause even more of an uproar.

An uncle of Heath’s, who appears to be estranged from most of the family, is claiming that the Brokeback Mountain actor might be the father of a child born to Heath’s ex-girlfriend. The uncle who is speaking out is the brother of Heath’s father, Kim and says that Heath was 17 years old when he dated a 25-year-old woman. After their relationship ended, she realized she was pregnant and subsequently gave birth to a little girl, which the uncle claims may or may not be Heath’s daughter.

It’s always some uncle, isn’t it? In any case, with those at-home paternity tests they’ve got on the market now, at least there’s no need to take this shit to Maury.

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