Heartthrob Norman Reedus Talks Daryl’s Heartbreak On ‘The Walking Dead’

Zombie Drive-Thru
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‘Do a little dance, make a little love. Get down tonight, get down tonight.’  That seems to be the Norman Reedus jam right now. According to bystanders, the ‘Iron Man: Rise Of Technovore’ actor, was showing off his dance moves outside a building in West Hollywood, California on March 21st.  Hanging with pals while smoking a cigarette, with his dark shades on. Maybe Reedus was trying to channel his inner James Dean? Dropping down some moves and then cuddling his toy dog, which is so random it’s actually really hot. Reedus continued to put on quite the show for onlookers.

Reedus, reveals how he used the loss of his father to prep for a scene for The Walking Dead  season 2 finale. On record to be one of the show’s most heartbreaking scenes, as Daryl Dixon (Reedus) finds the brother he had finally been reunited with Merle — hunched over as a zombie. Not only did Daryl find his older brother dead (or undead, as it were) but he then had to rekill him once again, to put him out of his zombie misery. 

When Reedus was asked what it was like working alongside Michael Rooker (Merle) Redus tells Entertainment weekly  “I was bummed to see Rooker go. He’s such a strong character and such a good actor. He brought so much to the show so I was bummed to see him leave” Reedus adds  “I would have liked to have explored that relationship a bit more. And he’s always fun to play scenes with so I was bummed about that. I’m bummed every time someone leaves the show, to be honest.” Tune in for the Season 3 Finale this Sunday 9/8c on AMC.

Check out Reedus being absolutely flawless in the gallery above!