He Said, She Said: Did Jake Gyllenhall Push A Girl?

Looking at these pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal at the Academy Awards it’s hard to imagine him pushing around a girl.

According to Dunkenstepfather.com that’s exactly what the Brokeback Mountain star did during a recent visit to Montreal.

When the website’s blogger, Jesus Martinez, and a gal pal of his went out to a restaurant their dinner was interrupted by the loud entrance of Gyllenhaal and his crew and thery were continuously distracted by cheers from fellow dinners and Jakey dancing around on a bench. The blogger, irritated with the star’s self-satisfaction, says he went up to one of the celebs female entourage and said “Hey isn’t that the guy who killed Heath Ledger…”

Next he claims that Gyllenhall got in his face and started screaming and swearing at him saying “I will break you.” He thought it was funny, but was escorted out by the restaurant. His female friend stayed behind and tried to talk to Gyllehaal but says she was shoved against a table by the actor.

In an exclusive interview with hollywoodpq.com the friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she is not going to press charges, but insists the star got in her face and pushed her so that she fell on a table and started crying. The restaurant staffers, who deny the incident, asked her to leave.

Who do you believe?