Haylie Duff Confirms Paris Hilton Tiff

Haylie Duff confirmed the rumored spiff between her and socialite Paris Hilton. “Okay, everyone knows that Paris Hilton like HATES me.” Haylie spoke to confidantes how now that she has a boyfriend and working on guest spots for television she hasn’t been out ‘for SO LONG’; (out as in out in the club scene, where a friend of hers played along with Paris for his benefit). Haylie has said that she was told that Paris approached the troop asking for the guy that was dating Haylie Duff. A male friend of Haylie’s stepped up to the plate even though it was not true. Paris then did not hesitate as she bowed her head and pulled the young man close to her for a make out session. Kudos. Haylie and friends found this hilarious.

[Thanks to Jessica]