Hayden Watch Continues

Ha! You thought we were kidding when we said that we were stalking Hayden Christensen. Why? Because it makes no GD sense, that’s why. And yet, here we have found ourselves, yet again, crouched in the bushes, waiting for him to make an appearance. Well, we didn’t actually go out and take these pictures, I guess we were crouched in metaphorical “bushes”–and I can’t tell if that’s actually better or worse.

In any case, we managed to catch glimpses of Hayden and his brother, Tove, chatting it up with Rachel Bilson at Tove’s place. This is just so wacky and out of control! They’re having what appears to be a friendly conversation and it’s driving me nuts that I can’t hear what they’re saying! Are they talking about me? Sienna Miller? Black jeans? Thank God, these bushes are metaphorical, otherwise I’d probably be jumping out of them demanding to be let in on the secret.