Hayden Panettiere Puts On A Brave Face After Burglary

A burglary at Hayden Panettiere’s home in Hollywood has left the Heroes star shaken. There were apparently no signs of a break-in after the 19-year-old actress discovered that about $15,500 worth of jewelry missing from her home in Hollywood.

An insider revealed, “She feels violated. Hayden can’t believe something like this could happen to her. She has always thought her home was so safe.”

Despite the personal setback, Hayden seems to be recovering the shock of being victimized from the looks of these pictures. I don’t know how well she knows Lindsay Lohan, but she might want to see if the girl has an alibi. La Lohan has sticky fingers.

Gallery Info: Hayden Panettiere
visits a friend in Burbank, carrying a “Neuro” brand energy drink in her hands.