Hayden Panettiere Caught In The Red

I’m going to skip the easy joke that Hayden Panettiere’s new red locks have something to do with her new Ukranian boyfriend, Wladimir Klitschko. Although I do have to say, the new look makes her look more Hana Panetchenko than her former blonde, American-as-apple-pie self.

Heroes star Panettiere, 20, flew out of Miami Wednesday as pictured after a month canoodling with the 33-year-old boxer after he invited her to Florida for the new year.

She apparently kept pushing back her flight back home to Los Angeles, not wanting to leave her new love.

Yet again Panettiere, is linked to a considerably older man, even though she ended her two year romance with Heroes co-star Milo
, 32, saying their 12 year age gap was a problem. Since then, the dolphin-lover has been linked to a number of men in the last year (too many to link, literally), as well as generally sending out the message that she likes to have a good time!

Not only are she and Klitschko far apart in age, but also they share very different perspectives of the ground: at 6’6”, Klitschko is 15 inches taller than Panettiere!

So what’s the verdict: blonde or redhead? Or do I even have to ask?