Hayden Panettiere’s Mom Seems A Little Overbearing

Here’s Hayden Panettiere getting bitched out by her mom on the set of I Love You, Beth Cooper. I thought we were forgetting Sarah Marshall? Hayden’s mom Lesley seems to have caught the stage mom disease. She’s probably just trying to keep her cash cow in line. I don’t see Lesley running around in a cheerleader uniform and re-growing her limbs on NBC. She better relax before Hayden divorces her ass. Don’t yell at your meal ticket on the set! For god’s sakes, she works like a dog and saves dolphins in her spare time. It’s not like she’s on Facebook all day and stealing your car to pick up her friend at the mall.

By the look of her outfit, I’m thinking Lesley is missing her youth.

Photos: FlynetOnline.com

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Photos: FlynetOnline.com