Hayden Panettiere Needs To Swipe Some McNuggets For Me! C’mom, Claire Bear!

Hayden Panettiere has the most annoying last name in the world to type. She’s also trying to de-gay Ne-Yo. And she also helped celebrate “World Children’s Day”, which was being held at all McDonald’s restaurants. All the proceeds go to McDonald’s various children’s charities, including their famous Ronald McDonald’s Houses. Is that what the ugly yellow shirt is for? She showed up prepared? I used to work at McDonald’s when I was a tyke, and let me tell you there was no beautiful actresses working the raccoon eyes behind the counter. I recall some bitch manager named Laurie told me that the McNuggets I had just made were “not fresh” and to put another pile into the scorcher or whatever it was. I responded by throwing my tray of fajitas at her and said “Fine! HERE’S YOUR FAJITAS!” It was a damn boiler room in there! The pressure!

Photos: WENN

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