Hayden Panetierre Is Tastefully Jailbaity

November 26th, 2007 // 9 Comments

Hayden Panetierre, 18, has been named by “GQ” as their obsession of the year. Straight dudes LOVE hot chicks in cheerleader uniforms. Not as much as defiling a girl in a Catholic school girl get-up, but cheerleaders are up there. Hayden stars on NBC’s rapidly declining hit “Heroes” (though it’s been redeeming itself lately) and says that you’re never going to see her all junked out or acting the fool, ala Lohan/Spears/Hilton.

“You can’t schedule rehab for me. And I don’t think you can schedule any DUIs,” Panettiere told the magazine.

“I think I’m going to be one of those boring girls.”

So far I’d have to agree, though being wanted in Japan is sorta hot. She recently participated in efforts to keep Japanese fisherman from slaughtering dolphins by putting her nubile teen body between fishing boats and dolphins. I bet all she really had to do was break out some of the outfits she’s got on here. I assume Japanese fisherman appreciate barely legal ass as much as the next guy.

By J. Harvey

  1. anonymous

    No, she won´t be a Lohan/ Spears/ Hilton type, so she says… Meanwhile, she´s already taking slutty pictures…

  2. T-Bone

    You know, this country’s obsession with teenage girls and teenage boys is disgusting. Seriously, let someone at least hit 20 before taking sexually suggestive photos of them. And that one with the bear is borderline child porn. Gross. Nothing “tasteful” here.

  3. Nat

    Since when is jailbait tasteful? Why is it acceptable for grown men to obssess over barely legal girls? And it is clear to me from these pix that their obssession over her is related to the fact that she looks much younger than her age…why else would they pose her with a hula hoop and teddy bear, if not to make her look like a child? The juxtaposition of the teddy bear and the see-through nighty is especially disturbing. The only thing that makes it ‘borderline’ child porn is that the actress just turned 18. Otherwise, it would be straight-up child porn! Disgusting and shameful, GQ!

  4. girl2

    I’ve worked with Hayden on a movie when she was just 16. All she talked about was sleeping with guys and hanging out with Paris Hilton. She even bragged about a sex tape of her and some guy that was circulating hollywood at the time. So basically she’s your typical female celebrity teen.

  5. Hey Cupcake

    Yeah, I’m sure she considers herself “one of those boring girls”. That must be why she’s whoring herself out for any and every photo op, including endless bikini photos.

    Good news! We find you boring, as well.

  6. I think she is really cute

  7. Applespice

    I think she seems like a sweetheart, but lordy those photos are disturbing to me. Especially since she doesn’t look 18.

    I feel like a pervert now…

  8. rdiggity

    She’ll always be the football obsessed little girl in remember the titans, to me

  9. michael

    my god you ppl are sad how could any one b offended by this hottie being hot she’s not naked i hope you realise maybe there’s a bit of jealousy here hmmmm she’s gorgeous and proud of it

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