Hayden Christensen Likes Blondes

This little Hayden tidbit was sent in by a reader.

On June 19 Hayden Christensen was at the Tornoto airport with a very cute petite blonde girl. She was in sunglasses and him in a hat obviously trying to go unnoticed. They were cuddly and when people started to notice him they split up very quickly as if she didn’t want to be seen. Later I saw them again getting into the back of a car together.

Hate to be a gossip whore but I guess whatever went on with sienna miller is done and he was with a chick not a guy lol. She was very attractive and when she left him it was clear he was keeping his eye on her from a distance. I couldn’t see enough of her face to know if it was somebody famous but she was at least a foot smaller then him.

UPDATE: It seems our tipster was full of crap. This is why we did label this as gossip. While Hayden was at the airport in Toronto on the 19th, he was at the airport alone. He didn’t canoodle with anyone. Although, I do believe that he still likes blondes.