Hayden Christensen Likes Blondes

June 22nd, 2006 // 39 Comments

This little Hayden tidbit was sent in by a reader.

On June 19 Hayden Christensen was at the Tornoto airport with a very cute petite blonde girl. She was in sunglasses and him in a hat obviously trying to go unnoticed. They were cuddly and when people started to notice him they split up very quickly as if she didn’t want to be seen. Later I saw them again getting into the back of a car together.

Hate to be a gossip whore but I guess whatever went on with sienna miller is done and he was with a chick not a guy lol. She was very attractive and when she left him it was clear he was keeping his eye on her from a distance. I couldn’t see enough of her face to know if it was somebody famous but she was at least a foot smaller then him.

UPDATE: It seems our tipster was full of crap. This is why we did label this as gossip. While Hayden was at the airport in Toronto on the 19th, he was at the airport alone. He didn’t canoodle with anyone. Although, I do believe that he still likes blondes.

By Miu von Furstenberg

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  2. ME

    Who the hell is this? Oh yeah, the bitch who fucked up Star Wars…

  3. ew

    OMG there are even ads in the comments. Freaking ridiculous…

  4. Cloe

    I wonder who the chick was he was with…It’s quite strange cuz there was someone on imdb claiming to know that hayden has a gf and now this appears oO Seems like the person there didn’t lie even though nobody believed him or her.

  5. Yeah too many ads

    Cute pic.

  6. sara

    a friend of mine who works in the film industry said that sienna miller was in toronto earlier this week to work on something . . . could just be a coincidence but you never know.

  7. lol

    lol you totally got duped into believing this BS sighting. The MTV Reporter was with him at the airport till he left and Hayden was alone the entire time from the moment he got out of a black car alone, to the moment he boarded on the plane – alone.

    I heard that he is seeing someone but she sure is not a blonde. Sienna wasn’t in Toronto this week either, she was with Jude in NYC. Nice try, Hayden’s PR team. Nice try!

  8. Kivja

    I don’t believe this “sighting”. First off, there are NO pictures of him with someone and second, socialitelife.com is known for lying. Where’s the facts? Nowhere. I think someone sent this in just to get attention and nothing more. Also, Hayden likes to keep his private life PRIVATE.
    @ Sara
    I don’t think Sienna had anything to do with it. She’s in NYC with Jude Law and if she went up to Toronto by any chance, it’s because she’s soon going to be working on her film, Cammille. (About time, lol). So, I’d just like to say this sighting is nothing but a hoax.

  9. Kivja

    @ lol
    I doubt he’s seeing anyone. He’s sooooo busy and has to prepare for Bullrun coming up in July and then, he has to work on his films this fall and for next year. He’s even said when he’s busy, he doesn’t have time for a gf. Sure he’s been seen with girls in the past, but they’ve all been short-lived unfortunately.

  10. lol

    Kivja, don’t be in such denial. Im no fan of him, I’m just saying what I know as a Toronto native who has mutual friends with the guy. Take it or leave it. I don’t care for that. All i know is they’re doing a fanfuckingtastic job in covering it up all nicely. who cares if he’s seeing someone for love or even just pleasure? fact is this sighting is bull and this scoailite guy will fall for anything that’s sent to him. it’s super sad.

  11. Kivja

    Okay, I’m not in denial, lol. I have friends out in LA that know of him and all. I think they’d tell me something because they know some places where he hangs out. You don’t have to get all cursy about it… sheesh.

  12. lol

    If you really had mutual friends you’d know it. fuck it i dont care about the guy. im just laughing at the socialites life guys expense for falling for this load of shit.

  13. Kivja

    Yeah, okay… I haven’t talked to them in a couple of days. I’ll ask if they’ve seen anything.

  14. dc20008

    you all need to read some other blogs…HC is not chasing after the beaver.

  15. Stinkypoo

    Lola…is that YOU? Is this crazy nut still trying to make him look bad with all these plants about other women? Just the other day she was on a board saying he was with a tall brunette, now a short blonde, what a nut!

  16. haydenfan88

    Lola is a redhead, not a blonde or brunette. she’s been a redhead for a few months now. at least she’s been posting pics on her blog and her hair is red. (www.myspace.com/skyefitsheaven) so obviously not her. and i doubt with her schedule she’d have time to post what you claimed she did. why would she say he was seen with a short blonde anyway? leave his friends alone.

    this sighting sounds so fake too and it’s obviously sent in by a fan who knows a lot about him.

  17. Ads

    Dudes, stop complaining. Just get Firefox and install the Adblock plugin => no more stupid ads :D

    Wasn’t Hayden stalked by that MTV reporter at the Toronto airport? He didn’t mention a girl on his blog.

  18. sara

    i know that sienna is supposed to be in nyc cause of all the pics on gossip sites lately but i still choose to belive my friend who says she was scheduled to be on set in toronto on tuesday. why would he bother lying about that?

  19. well

    well sara my dear obviously he is because sienna was photographed in NY on tuesday.

  20. Linda

    Well, maybe all will give me of crazy, but…I believe that blond was Natalie Portman. She had seen 21 june in N.Y. and she was…blonde! Natalie just finished to shoot Mr. Magorium in Toronto and, when she was shooting this film, she went often to N.Y. So, maybe she was in back to Toronto ’cause her things. I know maybe she is in back with Gael but she and Hayden are friends and, maybe, they was agreeing each other.

  21. BabyBear

    You are ALL wrong. Hayden does have a girlfriend. She’s real. She exists. She has been seen with him very regularly for several weeks now. And she is not a short blonde. So open your eyes people. He is NOT gay and he is not ALONE!!

  22. anon

    Hayden doesn’t have a girlfriend. One of my friends sees him all the time out in LA, and she saw him a couple of times 3 days ago–alone.

  23. Linda

    Anon, do you know if he saw Natalie Portman, when she was in Toronto? I’m just curious. Hayden say often they are friends, but to me seem no. Natalie saw many friends while she was in Toronto, but he no. Someone say he hates her. Is this true? And, if this is true, then, why he hates her?

  24. Linda

    Anon, do you know if he saw Natalie Portman, when she was in Toronto? I’m just curious. Hayden say often they are friends, but to me seem no. Natalie saw many friends while she was in Toronto, but he no. Someone say he hates her. Is this true? And, if this is true, then, why he hates her?

  25. Anon

    I have no idea about that. Gosh, I wanna go back to Toronto.

  26. Linda

    Well, it is true. Hayden was in Toronto airport but no blonde or girlfriend was with him. Read here:


  27. Anon

    I’m not going to say anything else because I know that Hayden hates gossip so this is the last thing I’m saying. Sorry. :(

  28. Linda

    But I don’t want gossip. I would only a reply to my question. If you want, you can send me a PM. I don’t tell nothing to anbody of that you will write me!

  29. GML

    Linda, I read the nerdy chipmunk blog and it’s about the June 15th DEP/AFI concert. The girl didn’t say anything about Hayden at the airport. Did I miss something? It was about seeing him at a club in Toronto after the concert on the 15th.

  30. Linda

    Wow! Did you see Hayden? Could you send me a E-mail? (petrina@freemail.it). However, you try to check the link I posted. She talk about Hayden, but I didn’t post her message ’cause I don’t want fed gossip.

  31. JenniBaruba

    Hayden was in Canada with his friend (who is a girl)from the States. She’s a friend of the family. Don’t know if they date or not but he does hang out with her when he’s in California. She recently went to Toronto to visit and stayed at his place. Somebody posted a picture of them and wrote about it on a MySpace blog but took it down the next day.

  32. Kim

    She lives in West Hollywood. She has a myspace and if you read between the lines you can tell she is knows Hayden. That is probably how the info leaked out. I am not even a member of myspace and I figured it out. He even took her to the MTV awards.

  33. Confused

    You are either a friend who talks to much, a stalker who follows them around, or a lier. How did you get this infomation? Scarry.

    How did you find her myspace?

  34. anon

    @ JenniBaruba
    I’m with confused on that one, and I think you may be lying. That’s how rumors get started. Don’t start one now.

    @ Kim
    (read above).

    @ Confused
    What can I say? I totally agree with you.

  35. anon

    ALSO… don’t you think that if Hayden took a friend who happened to be a girl to the movie awards that she’d be sitting next to him? Because all I saw was Tove next to him and Rosario Dawson on the other side.

  36. Warning

    YOu people need to stop this nonsense of harrassing and trying to dig up private info on Hayden and his friends. No one’s myspace should be made public on an internet gossip blog so that they can be harrassed by crazy fans of his. Leave his friends alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Michelle

    @ Warning
    Here’s a warning for you: DON’T go to imdb.com, lol! It’s really stupid

    I agree… they should leave his personal life alone.


  39. george

    Did they even see each other since 2005?

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