Hayden Christensen Has A Pallor About Him And Needs To Pee

April 27th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Is he going on the gas tanks? What is wrong with people? Why does he look like a negative image? Jesus Christ, people say I’m pale. He looks like he just crawled out of a drawer in the morgue. He’s probably peeing embalming fluid. Bitch, get to the beach. You’re making us nervous that you might start eating brains and there are no eyeballs behind those glasses. Ya ghoul.

More photos of Hayden Christensen at the gas pump after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. Stephanie

    What on earth is he wearing on his feet?

  2. DarthPaul

    Eh. He looks like Insipid Whiteboy X. He has hot potential, but he’s not there yet. Now that chunky buzzcut in blue is more my speed…

  3. Ugh

    Hayden, why are you fighting the hot? Or is this your idea of disguise?

  4. Me

    He’s fine. Tanned guys are gross.

  5. i'm special

    does anyone know where he is? he was going to be in the gumball rally, but tove and peter did it instead becuz of dens schedule. is he in LA still then?maybe filming with rachel? glad to see she isnt in these pics! and she was spotted out with another friend. all this is hype, they arent together, remember sienna? same thing.

    Jared please get some more new pics of den

  6. curb appeal

    his style is modest/humble, there’s nothing wrong with that. he doesnt have to dress up all groomed to let people know he’s hot. natural beauty is the best kind!! trust me, he is the type that doesnt mind getting all dirty, even if hes wearing a 10k armani suit.

  7. Laureen

    Excuse me but, his ass looks really fine to me! Nothing wrong with the way he is dressed. Nice looking ass!

  8. Kate N

    hello…he’s from CANADA, do they EVER get sun up there? He looks fine…sounds like you are uber jealous!! He can be tan or white who cares, he’s got that “it” everyone talks about! He’s an “actor’s actor” who will be around for the next 30 plus years. Can not wait to see him in TAKERS coming out August 27, 2010. Have seen every movie he’s made..good or bad…just watching him on screen…he’s just so beautiful and mysterious!

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