Hayden Christensen Almost Boinked by John McEnroe

Back before his acting career had taken off, “Star Wars” actor, Hayden Christensen, was an avid tennis player and had managed to snag a gig working as a ball boy during high-profile, championship tennis matches. At one such event, he was working the court when he nearly got clobbered by temperamental tennis champ, John McEnroe. Accordingt to Hayden:

“I was one of those ball boys at the net that run across and grab the ball after it’s smacked into the net. I had good reflexes so as soon as a ball went into the net I was there two seconds later.

“And John McEnroe was wanting to take out his aggression on the ball still and didn’t see me coming. He pulled (his racquet away) inches from my head.

“That was my first time on TV, that made the news.”

And here he is now, a successful actor with such a blissful look on his face that I wonder if he even knows where or who the hell he is. I am happy to report that he appears to have stopped dressing like a homeless person for the time being.

Photos: WENN

More photos of Hayden Christensen and his pretty blue scarf are after the jump.

Photos: WENN