An MTV Movie Awards Encounter

June 7th, 2005 // 22 Comments

Sent in by a reader.

So last night I was at the MTV Movie Awards and because of my stepdad, I got access to the Red Room and backstage… basically anywhere. Well, there was this really really hot guy that I had recognized because I’ve seen his picture in like Intouch or one of those magazines, yet, I couldn’t quite exactly put my finger on him. But anyway, I sucked it up and introduced myself, his name is Bryan Kent. I knew I recognized him. He’s a socialite! So he was chatting with DJ AM and Nicole Richie for a bit, with Sam Greisman there too, who is pretty cool too despite his quiteness. But anyway, DJ AM and Nicole and their entourage of 3 decide to leave and I’m left there talking with Bryan and Sam, Bryan and I doing most of the talking. And we’re talking about the red carpet and everything, and here’s the funny story he told me especially because he is a producer and socialite on the side, so the humor is multiplied. So he arrived with Sam Greisman to the red carpet, however, they forgot to wear their passes to allow them on the red carpet. However, they had all their other passes with them, so they got in but the publicists working on the red carpet were confused of what to do. Like they obviously knew who Sam and Bryan were, but their star power is not yet close enough to say Jennifer Connelly so they couldn’t exactly be announced to the crowd because that would a mess, right? So, the publicist decided to do this. They took them down the red carpet but didn’t announce their names (Bryan was happy about that!), but the publicist took them so quickly the paparazzi were not able to get a good picture of them, beginning to yell at Bryan and Sam for not stopping for a picture. It’s just so funny that these semi-famous guy’s night was completely screwed up. Although they said it all turned out fine, it was just so funny what happened. I mean, they were basically refused the red carpet but only due to a complete misunderstanding. I love that the two can completely laugh about it as it isn’t that big of a deal, but of course, everyone else made it a huge deal. They’re definitely two down-to-Earth people in such a crazy industry. By the way, I saw Bryan getting possibly a little cozy with Lindsay Lohan. Hmmmm.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. julie

    and why is that so funny??????

  2. JT

    So….the night of two “producer”/”semi-socialite” nobodies who I’ve never heard of in my life was TOTALLY RUINED because they didn’t have their names announced on the red carpet? Seriously, am I supposed to give a damn? I don’t even understand why that’s supposed to be amusing, beyond the general “wow, there really ARE such wannabe starfuckers” humor.

  3. Me


    I do believe that you’ve been hosed.

  4. Natasha

    Um, these are two of the names of the pathetic nobodies that begged defamer to put them online in some random mention. You got tricked. They are desperately trying to make a name for themselves.

  5. lola

    this story is terribly boring and poorly written. i don’t understand why it was posted at all. it’s a waste of bandwidth. i’m sorry i wasted 60 seconds reading it.

  6. Sydney

    Although I don’t think in a nutshell it’s that funny of a story, I think everyone else’s comments about it are fucking hilarious. I’ve heard of them. I guess that makes one of us? No? Haha

  7. Please give me the 90 seconds of my life it took to read that pathetic post back. Blech.

  8. amber

    terrible. that post gets an F. “it’s just so funny that these semi-famous guy’s night was completely screwed up.” wrong. not funny. not even remotely.

  9. miguelito

    am i supposed to be interested in this?? you just wasted 40.2 seconds of my life, all in all with the comment…

  10. grospetazz

    that was the stupidest thing i’ve read in a long time. that girl should not have been out that late she should’ve been studying her english grammer as the high school year is not over yet.

  11. Pam

    Like, oh my god, I totally ordered a coke and, like, they brought me a pepsi. My night was almost totally ruined. That’s about as interesting as that post was…

  12. dffdsfdj

    Like I said, this blog becomes duller and duller everyday.

  13. David J.

    Oyyyy…. So he might be cool among the Hollywood crowd, but I’ve rarely heard anything about this guy. More info please

  14. riem

    Sam Greisman is Sally Field’s son.
    this blog sucked the big one.

  15. hotshit2

    hahahaha!!! the article is funny but the comments are funnier!!! and i actually have heard that bryan kent and lindsay lohan are “close.” hmmm! maybe this source was very accurate

  16. Who is this stepdad that she speaks of -and why does he have more clout than me?!

    It makes me cry on the inside….

  17. jannice

    love, love, love bryan kent. met him at the monster in law premiere. he is so nice and so funny! doesn’t suprise me that he’d talk to a girl that probably is in middle school

  18. jannice

    i mean’t in a platonic way…haha

  19. afrikajones

    …..but everyone of you people that comment about what a lame article this was and what a waste of time it was reading it, not only took the time to READ it, but to COMMENT about it.

    more seconds of your life were wasted scolling down and posting a comment than were stolen from you when you went on a HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP BLOG.

    you could have just read it, smirked at the lamness of it, then gone on with your lives and never given it a second thought.

    so really…..who here is the boring one?

    probably not the woman who’s blog you are reading…….

  20. medea

    When are we getting rid of the morailty police. We come to have fun,unless you are a preacher we do not want to hear your S@*t.

  21. jimmi jam

    i saw bryan kent last night at mood. so take a walk…

  22. Gabrielle Rosin

    I have met Sam Greisman and he is soo nice. He is really sexy.

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