Hayden Christensen Celebrated At Tao

April 24th, 2006 // 20 Comments

While Paris Hilton, Stavros Nirachos, Steve-O, and the shown Indian showed up for a brief moment at Tao to celebrate Hayden Christensen‘s birthday party, that’s really all we’ve heard about it. Who did Hayden end up bedding on his 25th birthday? Does anyone have any details on this party?

More photos of Hayden Christensen’s birthday party at Tao, after the jump.

(Images via Desiring Hayden)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Claudia Schect

    You haven’t heard anything about it because this was actually a private party for his himself, his family and closest friends. They mostly partied in a VIP section of the club.

    Paris Hilton et al.. were not there (and weren’t invited) she had her own party the next night (Saturday night)at Tao.

  2. Emma

    That guy looks like Adam Beach. He was in the movie Windtalkers with Nicolas Cage.

  3. King Smart Ian

    You know Emma, he also looks like that actor who played Darth Vader in Star Wars

  4. libby

    he was in my restaurant w/ anthony daniels (c3po) and a group of older queens during a star wars convention here in indianapolis.

    hayden was VERY POLITE, VERY QUIET, and excused himself before appetizers came. (he left with another young boy cutie–of course).
    my impression at the time was that he didn’t like all those old gay guys, maybe because he’s concious of NOT coming out yet.

    btw, anthony daniels is REALLY funny AND he flirted w/ me hard. he also seems a lot younger than he is.
    he had to have known that i knew he’s gay, but what a charmer!

  5. lauren


    nice try, anyway.

  6. ME!

    I was a private party for the most part. I guess you won’t hear anything unless one of Hayden’s friends decides to talk about it. Not very likely.

  7. Tracy


    Would you refer to a black person as the “n” word on your site? I will assume no.
    Therefore, would you please refer to natives NOT as INDIANS, but as Natives, Native Americans, Aboriginals etc.

    Please and thank you.

  8. lauren

    The native-american (canadian really) is pretty famous himself. His name is Adam Beach and he was in Windtalkers.

    I think it is this summer or fall that his movie with Clint Eastwood “Flags of our Fathers” is being released. He’s a reallly good actor and I can’t wait to see his film :)

  9. King Smart Ian

    Tracy: Why is “Indian” a derogatory word?

  10. Chumash

    Indian is NOT a derogotory word. When Christopher Coloumbus came to the easter shore of America he mistaken thought he had arrived in India, so he called the native of the misidentified land…Indians. It was simply a case of mistaken identity and there was never any social stigma attached to it like there was the “n”-word used to besmirch African Americans or Africans. Native Americans today still refer to eachother as Indians and generally don’t take offence.

  11. blank

    Adam Beach was also awesome in Smoke Signals… And Chumash is right, “Indian” and “Native American” are as widely accepted in both popular and academic circles as “Black” and “African American” are. “Black” and “Indian” are not considered insults or slights.

  12. missd

    Actually, being of native descent, and a Canadian, I know that “Indian” is a derogatory term in Canada and the majority of Canadian First Nations people do find it offensive and choose to identify themselves as First Nations, Aboriginal, or Native. Therefore, because Adam Beach is Canadian, I would not refer to him as an “Indian”. Also, in my university I have never heard the term “Indian” as a reference for an Aboriginal person.

  13. Tracy

    Thank you MISSD… atleast SOMEONE believes me.

  14. doofus

    just my two cents here…

    I don’t claim to know the most PC term for an Indian/Native American, nor am I a sociology professor…

    …but some of the people in that ethnic group that I’ve spoken with REALLY prefer to be identified as a member of whatever tribe they’re descended from…Cherokee, Inuit, Maki, etc…

  15. Wesley Snake

    I heard he couldn’t finish all of his celebratory fudge and had to have the rest packed for home.

  16. John Wain

    I heard they prefer to be called “Injuns”, as long as you don’t call them late for dinner.

  17. The guy is Adam Beach and he’s a cutie patootie.

  18. i forget

    Why is it he looks rough in every pic recently, it must be an after math of dating that man sienna.
    Who cares about all this name calling get back to the hayden point and not on this tangent!

  19. sharron

    sienna miller is a slag, she should keep her claws of hot gay totty like hayden. i’d kick her in the lady lips if she comes near anymore queens. Oh he looks rough because he forgot to powder his nose (or maybe thats the cause)

  20. iona

    OMG he looks like my boyfriend jonathan. exactly like him! jesus christ. he looks a bit drunk, mind. but then again, hayden’s really cute, too! jonathan if you every read this…. sweetheart you’ll always be gorgeous and sweet to me. love ya!

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