Hayden Christensen Kisses Ewan McGregor

May 19th, 2005 // 239 Comments

First Hayden’s hugging Kevin Spacey and now kissing (the completely hetero) Ewan McGregor. Who will be next?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. emoshunlcrechur

    That’s how the Europeans do it…I know Hayden is from Canada…but there just like the French.

  2. Lily

    Uh…that coming from someone as ignorant as you, that is.

  3. Layla

    I think Eva goes where ever the $$ or fame is. She is just putting her foot in anywhere she can get it.


    who’s Hayden really cozying up to? I hope it’s not Eva..

  5. lola

    Am I the only one to see that this boy is gay? I have an eye for that and I’m never wrong. He will come out in due time.

  6. Kate

    Hayden is not GAY. Stop hating on him… just cause he’s hot, good looking, and sexy doesn’t mean you have to hate on him. That don’t even look like him. Really it don’t. If he is kissing Ewan then Ewan is gay too. But they are NOT i repeat NOT>>>>..

  7. Becca

    Yo, Kate. Just because he may be gay and the lady is suggesting it, doesn’t mean she’s hating on him.

    Gay does not equal bad. She probably means it literary.

    Grow some tolerence.

  8. clau


  9. Kristy

    Thank you Becca! I wish people would stop equating “gay” with “hating” Hayden. Lola was not being derogatory in the least–she was merely stated her feelings on the subject and there’s nothing wrong with that. If he’s gay, he’s gay and if he’s not, he’s not. It’s his business. ^__^ Quite a cute pic and gif by the way! ^__~ Where did you guys find that? Hope everyone has a great day and had fun at Episode III!

  10. mari

    He is not gay.. he is soo hot and handsome haha thats why u say that, and that photo is fake, leave him alone, no ones of us knows him really and he wil never see this soo .. hahaa

  11. sauny

    Hayden is so NOT gay…maybe bi. hoo noes. hoo really cares. hes hot. i luv him. and thats that. he was awesome in episode 3 tho ;) very yummy…

  12. anna

    he might have been drunk! He is 24 and he might have had a few drinks, and didn’t know what he was doing. BESIDES HE IS HOTT AND EWAN MIGHT HAVE BEEN DRUNK TOO. and ewan might have seen hayden looking like a girl and hayden just went along with it cuz he was drunk. PLUS HE IS HOTTTT (hayden)

  13. kiersty

    Well..In reality the media always has something to say about this and that and puhleezz it usually comes out so untrue//
    For all those hayden-lovers out there..Dream and always be happy for him..And besides If he truly is gay, I guess we juz all have to accept it good or bad..

  14. Dayna

    Who is kissing who here? It looks like Ewan (married Ewan) is kissing his friend.

  15. Kelsey

    Who knows he could just be giving him a friendly candian greeting. he could just be Giving him a big hug for finishing the movie. Ps. by the angle that was shot in he could have even kissed him on the cheek. Thats what all candadians do. (i hope its not just me)

  16. Alexa

    Oh! wow! people in some cultures that’s a sign of respect. I agree with how European people do that just to show respect or how it is nice to see them. Yeah and that’s just something to be friendly about. I see people do that in different cultures anyway. Hayden Christensen is not guy he even said so and he also said he liked doing scenes with Natalie Portman.

  17. Carlie

    If you look closely it doesn’t even look mouth to mouth anyway. it’s just a peck and a sign of greeting. There are different ways of showing a sign of respect like in France. It also means hi or nice to see you again.

  18. CR

    Yo i’ve been reading around him and Eva are close, and interview questioned him and he says he isn’t gay, he likes the girls.
    Hayden is from canada and they are linked to the french its a european custom. Which brings an important question to mind if girls can kiss girls does that mean they are gay?
    So boys can kiss boys because it a european custom.

    Get used to it i see it all the time hello and my lads are not gay they just want women and men to be treated equally.

  19. Akisha

    OMG ok he is not gay because i saw him in LA and i ran up to him to ask him for his aughtograph (hotter in real life)AND HE STARTED HITTING ON MY SISTER! he asked her if she had a b/f and she does (which Stinks!) but all well so he might be bi but i doubt it he is deff strait, and sexy!

  20. Ariana

    I THINK HE IS HOTT!! and after they hugg(greeting) so he is not GAY but hew sure is SEXY!!!!!!!!! OMG I LOVE HIM!

  21. ariana


  22. babygirl

    well… i hope he isn’t Gay cuz the boy is HOT
    i’m form canada and some people kiss like that
    i just hope he isn’t Gay cuz he’s HOT

  23. ariana

    OMG THey said the same thing about keanu reeves and about elisha wood. THESE THINGS ARE FAKE! they are jeliouse of HIS HOTTNESS!

  24. ariana

    IT IS SO FAKE HE IS SO HOTT and it lookes like their lips are pursed and it lookes like they are kissing the cheek or chin. HE IS SO HOTT!

  25. David

    People grow up, he might be gay but he might not be. If he is good luck to him.

    Jesus I kiss my close male mates as well and we’re all straight. Its just a way of showing that we care.

    So its not gay, plus if he its not our business so either lay off or its gonna ruin his career. We all know how shit gets round the web and is spread.

  26. ariana

    they have nothing else to talk about so they are just making up shit to make things interesting. Pluse Hayden just laughs this crap off. HE IS SOO HOTT and so layed back. SUCKES HE IS 24 :( But he is sexy :)

  27. chiLo

    aLL i can say is.. its FAKE..
    Hes HOTT!!!

  28. CR

    True they say that most actors are gay and then the guys 99% marry and the woman is some georgous super model i mean they said it about Ewan when he was in trainspotting notice the wife.

    Most reporters make the stories because they are miserable with their own pathetic lives and know they will never be noticed in reality.

    Hey if he goes into architecture im doing interior design when i go to university maybe me and him will work together. I pay ALOT of attention to architecture and interior design

  29. If you look closely Hayden actually kisses Ewan on the cheek and it is Ewan who kisses Hayden near the mouth.
    No wonder Hayden wants to leave acting! Gay or not, that’s no proof.

  30. CR

    Hey all if you go here and read the post by Mason you will hear what the have to say well write.


    It just proves where the rumours about Hayden Christensen came from.

  31. Rachel

    Hmmm i may a little late on the uptake with this post, but hey i’ll post anyway. Yes that is Hayden and Ewan kissing, but notice that it’s a peck not a full on kiss. Hayden and Ewan have been friends for years and have obviously grown to become close friends on the set, girls kiss each other when they say hey, so why can’t men? it doesn’t make either of them gay it’s just a friendly kiss, i don’t even see why this is causing a debate, anyone can see that it’s just a friendly kiss and besides Ewan is married with kids and Hayden has been quoted as saying that he doesn’t need a relationship to be happy. So stop ‘hating’ on him and accusing him of being something he isn’t. The kiss is a friendly one!

  32. Rachel

    Hmmm, i just was just wondering, i heard that Hayden was quitting acting to go into architecture, is that true? I hope not, that man is such a good actor, would be a talent wasted if he did, but no matter what he does i wish him all the luck ^_^

  33. Robert

    if you look carefully the man in red seems to walk over, maybe to separate them? maybe from things like this!?????!!!!!!!!


  34. Kim

    It’s not fake, and I doubt he’s gay, it’s just a friendly hello. ^^

  35. Kris

    HE IS SOOOO NOT GAY!!!! They post spears look a likes all the time so what’s gonna make anyone believe this outa focus picture. Besides he said his not gay so why dosen’t any1 believe him

  36. Liz

    I love hayden. But right now the proof points twords that he’s gay. I realy dont wan’t to belive it, but right now it looks to be true.

  37. Katie

    Okay since I saw this i reget ever thinking he’s hot and dreaming about him.I see why natalie broke up with him now. but even tho he’s gay he’s still drop dead sexy

  38. adriana

    if you guys hate hayden,then you must to hate your self!!doesn’t mean if he kisses ewan,he is a gay…maybe he greets ewan using the canadian tradition..look at the video,he is not kissing ewan’s mouth but under his mouth!!

  39. ink

    A bunch of you are going, “He’s hot, he’s not gay!” The two are not mutually exclusive, you know. And then you’re saying, “I hope he isn’t gay because he’s hot” why does it matter because you’d never get with him anyway. Duh.

  40. David McD

    As a gay man I find some of these comments really shallow and pretty insulting.

    There’s every chance he’s gay. There’s also every chance he’s just uninhibited like Ewan and Viggo Mortessen for that matter. They both kiss men all the time (watch the return of the king extras dvds) and I believe both (Ewan def) are happily married.

    Ewan even wears eyeshadow ocassionally. “OMG what a fag!”

    Grow the hell up people. If you can’t comment on matters in a mature and articulate fashion don’t bother.

  41. laritza

    o.k i dony really know what to believe!! Hayden is the hottest guy ive ever seen and he dont look gay but that does look alittle like him! someone tell me whats going on!!!

  42. ariana

    omg guys he is hott but he also has a great personality. think of wuts inside guys. he is hott but read some magazines and just be happy for him if he is gay. i like him too but mostly for his personality. If he is gay cool, gay guys are fun to hang wit! plus if he is gay stop telling everyone thats y he peobably is dropping out of acting and i think they should take this gay ass website off the web because people are saying insulting things. HES HOTT< GOT A GOOD PERSONALITY< AND PISSED OFF.

  43. damaris

    well this is soo ugly.I was so blind his sooooooooo cute o mi God his guy please tell that this is not true.

  44. damaris

    hayden if you see this I want to tell that’s soooooooooooooooooo ugly I was enchanted with you now I open my eyes whit that video im soooooo sorry for you

  45. damaris

    tell me hayden you are gay why you kiss ewan or ewan I cano’t belive you are gay

  46. Shaunie

    Hayden, if you see this please tell me its not true.I don’t want to believe it but I’ll only believe it if you say it’s true. I hate rumors.

  47. Mon_éternité

    WTF ? :p
    Not seriously… He is or not ? Gay ? Bi ? Who care?
    It’s just a little kiss, for say “hi” that’s all.. no more, no less.. IMO… !

    (Ok, ok.. i like Slash or RPS.. m’oops ! lol)

    …Humm.. Who said in France.. we kiss to say “hi ou happy to see you or goodbye “? lol Is it a joke??
    ‘Cuz.. I’m french.. and i don’t “kiss like that” my friendq… well if my friend is gay, it’s different.
    But, sorry to say that in France, we don’t kisses like that.. ! lol Sorry guys !! ;o)

  48. cecily

    I am french too and i don’t know why people associate this kiss with a “french culture thing”… first of all, guys don t kiss like that in France!!!!
    second, being canadian has nothing to do with being French, especially the english speakers…
    i did hear that it is a canadian thing to kiss on the mouth as a sign of deep friendship or so…
    But whatever, hayden is kind of hot anyway and we all enjoyes his performance right?

  49. markie

    It is too bad that most of you who comment have no clue as to what is true and what is not true. I bet that if you were right then and there at the event that you would see that most reporters who sneak in to these events write anything to sell papers, therefore exploiting celebrities. Reporters are not close friends with celebrities so they assume anything and write about anything. All that matters is that those who are close with Hayden know what the reality of his personal life is be it gay, straight or bisexual. Who knows he may have an extremely talented publicist who is creating all this confusion on his sexuality to the public. Therefore these websites do well in hits and magazines and news reports sell to the public making him more popular than ever…

  50. Zach

    Reading all this commentary gives me two main reactions… one: i totally agree with the people who’ve said ‘so what if he is or isn’t? it’s his business’; two: i’m amazed at the people who think they can ever know whether he is or isn’t — odds are you won’t even get to chat with him (i don’t beleive the person who said he hit on her sister — what a joke), so why does it matter to you anyway?

    Looks to me like he and Ewan are great friends who are secure enough in themselves to say “hello” in a way that shows thier fondness. That grettiung neither proves nor disproves Hayden’s sexual orientation.

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