Hayden and Milo are Doing It, Say Friends

How poetic that the spotlight is peeking over Milo Ventimiglia’s shoulder, as he and sort-of-confirmed girlfriend, Hayden Panettiere, step out together. After much speculation in the media about the nature of their friendship, friends of Hayden’s recently dished to the Daily Mail that the two “Heroes” co-stars are definitely together and that Milo’s received a stamp of approval from his 18-year-old sweetie’s family. The source revealed that Hayden’s mom is a fan and, “He’s even met her grandparents. He fits in perfectly with the family.” A-HA! We’re not surprised! We suspected it all along, even though we decided to entertain the whole Ne-Yo thing just for fun. Despite the 12-year gap in age, I’m thinking that on a superficial level at least, it could work. I mean, it’s not like one of them is drastically hotter than the other. Now THAT would be a hurdle.

Photos: Getty Images