Hayden Panetierre Suffers A Real-Life Scare, Sans ‘Scream’ Mask

Hayden Panetierre stars in the fourth installment of the Scream saga, and it while she was an infant when the first one was released in ’96, Panetierre was able to get into character when her own home was broken into.

Panetierre was at her abode alone when the alarm went off.  It just kept blaring and blaring, but no one seemed to be coming after her.  Panetierre locked herself in the bathroom, armed with a taser and cell phone.  She called a friend that lived close by and her dad, then finally decided to take matters into her own hands.  Not one to wait around until the bad guys arrived, Panetierre climbed out of her window to escape danger.  While she was rounding the corner of her house, Panetierre ran square into armed police who were waiting for someone other than the Scream 4 star.  “Don’t shoot!  Don’t shoot me, please!” she yelled to the police.  “It was the scariest moment of my life,” she told E!‘s Marc Malkin.

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While’s she’s all for talking about spooky stuff, Panetierre isn’t at liberty to discuss the fate of her character: “I can’t tell you if I live, die, am the killer or not the killer.”  Well then, it looks like we’ll have to get ourselves to the theater April 15th to see whodunit.  I’ve missed this movie.

Panetierre attended the Vitali Klitschko vs. Odlanier Solis boxing match in Germany last Saturday.  Perhaps she could have pulled one of the contenders aside and asked for a few pointers on self-defense.