Hayden Christensen Is Now Designing Clothes & It’s All Pretty Attractive

Hayden Christensen
Brosef grabs a smoke
I’ve had a hate/hate relationship with Hayden Christensen since 2002. I’ll let you guess the reason why, but if you need a hint it rhymes with car whores.

Lucky for Hayden, the actor is still pretty hot and his new clothing line for RW&Co is actually pretty cool. Instead of being inspired by his beach vacations with girlfriend Rachel Bilson, Hayden has gotten lots of fashion influence from the farm he owns in Uxbridge, Ontario.

There’s actually a really entertaining video after the jump of Hayden talking farm and fashion. 

Hayden did a little bit of modeling for his line, but mostly it’s hot dudes wearing attractive clothing. The clothes all have that autumn, countryside, “my boyfriend can build a cabin, catch me my dinner and then hold me by a fire” look to them.

Gentlemen, take note: I’d like someone to hold me by a fire while wearing Hayden’s clothes. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from his collection. Think he’ll make a killing with it? Also, watch the video below. It’s like weird and arty and I love it.