Have You Ever Wondered What A Drunk Christina Aguilera Looks Like?

March 8th, 2006 // 14 Comments

Well, here ya go. She’s clearly quite drunk, and looking quite unsteady. Christina goes from looking happy in the first picture (bottom left) to pained (bottom right). Or is that the “I could puke any second face?”

We also learn (from the book on the back window ledge of the car) that either Christina, or her husband Jordan are fans of the British gorilla graffiti artist Bansky. I’m impressed.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. bamz9LOVE

    Right when I finally decided to give her a break because of her new found attempt at having some class (dumping the chaps)…..she goes and gets seriously buttered for all the world to see. On a high note (no pun), it looks like she’s got herself a decent hubby there taking care of things.

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  3. The Truth Lazer

    Impressed by a book about a graffitti artist ??
    Yeah, and if I tagged the outside of your apartment building you would so call the cops in 2 seconds flat….so would Miss Aguilera.

  4. bo

    Although I do agree with Manuel, I say let the girl go out and have fun. She’s of lgeal drinking age, she didn’t call anyone a lazy mexican or a dirty sanchez or anything. She could use a hair brush, tho.

  5. When you marry an asshole whose idea of class is bragging about his dick size at the reception, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll be turning to Stoli like an old, dear friend.

  6. Grace

    Not only a skank, but a drunk skank. Nothing worse.

  7. Silasdog

    Jacko & Grace, I can’t say it any better that you folks.

  8. alex69

    Oh give me a break…haven’t you guys gone out and had a little too much? Sadly, her mishap gets caught by photogs…whatever, go on girl~do your thang!!!!

  9. mememe

    1. She is of legal age to drink
    2. She is partying with her husband
    3. She has a driver

    She is not a skank because she is out having a fun time. Everyone who thinks so is either

    1. fat
    2. ugly
    3. jealous
    4. all of the above

  10. DP

    Um, I think you meant ‘guerrilla’ graffiti artist Banksys.

    Just cause we’re slinging gossip trash doesn’t mean we have to abandon good spelling & grammar, yo.

  11. Is there a musical version of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane in the works?

  12. mutterhals

    Who hasn’t been there? I once puked out the side of my cousin’s car in the Burger King drive thru…and Banksy rules. I love this Pittsburgh skank and rat faced husband!! Long live Pittsburgh girls!

  13. Silasdog

    Usually, anyone who listens to her sing needs to be drunk.

  14. Lane

    “Usually, anyone who listens to her sing needs to be drunk.”
    She does have talent, and you can’t deny it. Anyway, don’t you all be so uptight, you know guys you ARE allowed to have fun. And its not like she is drunk driving or anything.

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