Have a Socialite’s Night: Jake Shimabakuro’s Gonna Be in LA!

Los Angeles:

We’ve definitely recommended Jake Shimabakuro before, but I’m not sure if people took our advice to check out this Japanese ukulele player seriously enough the first time around. (Big surprise, I know.) Bypass his performance at Glendora High School, though. That might be pretty lame. [Link]

The premiere of Disney’s “Bridge to Teribithia” is Saturday morning at the El Capitan Theatre in LA. You’ll definitely have to wake up early for this one, but seeing as the average attendee probably still wakes up early to watch his cartoons, this 10:00AM screening time should be no problem at all. [Link]

And speaking of high school dances, those acid wash jeans might actually come in handy for the first time in years. You see, the “1986 Ultimate Jr. High Winter Dance Re-enactment and Ricky Schroeder Appreciation Night” is on Saturday at Art Share LA. Sure to be an unforgettable evening, complete with free spiked punch, bad memories, and more. [Link]

The Chicago and New York City events are after the jump.


Groundhog Day? Whatever. It’s all about the Chicago Bears fight song around here. Test your karaoke skills and tolerance for public humiliation at Piece on Saturday night – but be warned, if you win, you’ll probably be the most embarrassed one there. [Link]

There’s a million different ways you could spend Super Bowl Sunday this year, but the Chicago premiere of “49 Days” at the Gene Siskel Film Center probably isn’t high on anyone’s agenda. That said, the option’s out there, so don’t feel entirely stranded when it’s half time and you’re bored. [Link]

New York:

Frank McCourt, author of “Angela’s Ashes” and other ultra-depressing (but excellent) books, will be discussing the final book in his trilogy at an ultra-exclusive gathering on Saturday night. How exclusive exactly? Only those with the $65 tickets will know. [Link]

If you aren’t holed up at home waiting for the Super Bowl (a.k.a. K-Fed’s commercial debut) to finally air, stop by Film Forum’s screening of “Once Upon a Time in the West” instead. Now I know it’s a really masculine movie or whatever, but somehow, in light of the fact that it’s Super Bowl Sunday, I can’t think of a less manly thing to do. [Link]

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