Have A Sociaite’s Night: Snakes in a Gift Bag


Take in a few venom shots tonight at the official “Snakes on a Plane” release party at Rednofive. The first 100 guests to arrive will receive a “Snakes on a Plane” gift bag, so arrive as soon after 10:00pm as you can. [Link]

Sneaker Pimps, “the world’s largest touring sneaker show” arrives at the Congress Theatre this weekend with over 1000 pairs of rare and autographed sneakers in tow. People of all ages (and shoe sizes) are invited to attend and indulge in some fabulous footwear and foot-themed events. [Link]

E! Co-host and Ryan Seacrest sidekick Giuliana DePandi will be signing copies of her latest book, “Think Like a Guy” at Borders on Saturday afternoon. [Link]

The New York City and Los Angeles events are after the jump.

New York:

The guest list at Saturday’s AmsterJam on Randall’s Island seems to include every likeable recording artist under the sun. So grab the ferry, bring your ID and get ready to hang with LL Cool J, Foo Fighters and Tom Petty all day. [Link]

The famous BLT Festival at the Union Square Wine Shop returns this Saturday from 2-5pm. The $10 cover charge includes a BLT, free wine glass, and endless amounts of wine to fill it with. [Link]

Joshua Bell, arguably the world’s most handsome violinist, will be premiering a new Edgar Meyer piece on Sunday night at Lincoln Center. There’s probably no better way for classical music newbies to get introduced to the field, so non-classical music fans should try and snag a good seat and give this genre a chance. [Link]

Los Angeles:

Tickets are still available to witness Shakira’s “Oral Fixation” in action at Arrowhead Pond in Anahaeim on Friday night. (Opening act Wyclef Jean should also be equally good.) [Link]

The Fallen Fruit Collective joins forces with the citizens of Los Angeles in a “communal jam making session” on Saturday afternoon. Bringing your own glass jars, fruit and other creative juices is a must. Then again, those who are squeamish about sharing food with strangers probably shouldn’t attend. [Link]

Written by E.K. Jones