Have A Look At Janet Jackson’s Alleged Daughter

October 25th, 2005 // 10 Comments

Well, she was able to keep her marriage a secret for years, so who knows about the whole daughter thing.

Janet Jackson was able to keep her nine-year marriage to Rene Elizondo a secret until Elizondo filed for divorce in 2000. Now it appears the superstar has been keeping another secret for even longer. During an interview with New York City radio station WQHT-FM, Young DeBarge, the younger brother of Jackson’s first husband, James DeBarge, spilled the beans on a long-standing family secret that DeBarge and Jackson have a daughter named Renee who is 18 years old.

DeBarge said, “James and the Jackson family kept everything real close, real tight. No one really knew how it was working out until things kind of surfaced.” The daughter was raised by Jackson’s oldest sister, Rebbie Jackson, and according to Young DeBarge, this may be the source of some tension between Renee and her birth mother. He said, “I think there’s a little despondence. She hasn’t really revealed that, but I’m sure that there’s some feelings there. It’s only natural that you wonder about what is and how it’s come to be that way.”

More to come, I guess.

Janet Jackson Has A Secret Daughter [Yahoo Music]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. The marriage and child are private, while the breasts are public. I get it.

  2. JaneSays

    Why is this not a shock? I remember wayyy back in the day when she and cutie Debarge got married. She definitely looked pregnant then but most people chalked her fuller figure up to her metamorphisis into a woman.

  3. JaJa70

    Ding dong!!! MATH MATH MATH

    Janet en James DeBarge were over and out in 1984. And now they have an 18-year old daughter? So… was she pregnant for two or three years? I think the DeBarge family smokes too much crack.

    If they do have a daughter, she must be at least 20 and in that case: good for Janet to keep her away from that crackhead.

    Oh… and the girl in the picture… isn’t that a daughter of Jackie Jackson?

  4. gigi

    Actually, they didn’t split til November of 85.
    If she didn’t get pregnant til the very end, it could be quite possible for her to have an 18 year old daughter, especially if the girl was close to turning 19.

  5. Erica

    What a self bitch! I think she kept her daughter a secret for the sake of her career. Her daughter must be soooo messed up in the head to have a mother who doesn’t aknowledge her existence. Janet totally tries to act 20, an 18-20 year old daughter would’ve ruined her image. That’s so messed up! She’s officially weird just like the rest of the Jackson family.

  6. MyFakeScreenName

    Erica: you are calling her a bitch when thats not her daughter. That is Jackie Jackson’s daughter Brandy/Brandi Jackson. You can right click on the picture, go to properties and see the file name for yourself or go to Jackie Jackson’s bio here: http://imdb.com/name/nm0413614/bio And see that it says he has a daughter named Brandy or Brandi.

  7. ms_houston_tx

    erica: i dont think its fair that you are calling janet names. If Janet wants to keep parts of her life a secret I dont think it is a crime, no do I feel like we should judge her because of it. Besides before you start to blame her for not disclosing that she has a daughter to the rest of the world, did it ever occur to you that maybe that was a mutual decision between her and her daughter? Dealing with the media and filthy magazines that provide you with a lifetime full of every detail of a celebrity’s life. If this is true that she has a daughter and im not positive, I think maybe she wanted something to keep personal and private since every other aspect of her life is displayed through media and magazines. we have no right to judge others.

  8. Erica

    Ok, so not that everything I read on this site is true, but why should I have to investgate the picture?? It’s posted on several other websites too.
    For Ms Houston TX…whateves, you have a right to your opinion as I have a right to mine.

  9. ladonia

    if janet does have a child she would have to be older than 18. when she came out with the control album she was not with james i have a child that i had the week the album was releashed and she will be 20 in feb. so u do the math

  10. Aaron

    that is not her daughter. ….the girl in the picture is Brandi Jackson (Jackie of the Jackson 5′s youngest daughter)….do your researche before you post an article like this!

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