Have You Met Spanish Actor Jesus Castro? Because He’s Going To Be Your New Celebrity Crush

UPDATE: Our source had labeled Jesus’ photo incorrectly. This is actually Jesus Castro. Sorry for the confusion! Luckily he’s still hot.

Hello random guy!

I feel like it’s a been a while since I’ve brought you a random hot dude to ogle at, but hopefully the hotness of this one makes up for it. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jesus Castro.

The actor made his presence known to us on the red carpet to promote his new movie, El Niño. Honestly, I can’t figure out much about him. His IMDb is sparse and his Wiki doesn’t exist, but seriously, who needs information when you can stare at him? 

I love that he’s got that olive skin paired with really light eyes. His eyes might not be as bright as Chris Pine’s, but gosh darn it are they a beautiful blue. Jesus, you are sexy and we approve. Launch the gallery to check out more photos of your new celebrity crush. And if you know any fun facts about him, share them in the comments below!