Have You Heard The Rumors That Harry Styles Is Leaving One Direction?

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Let’s pretend we’re surprised that Harry Styles and the band his one-fifth of are always in the news for something.

The latest One Direction-related rumor has left me dreading what’s going to come next. 2014 is the year of the Where We Are tour. The young men have been relaxing and enjoying their time off, but still had upcoming business obligations.

Can you imagine any of the guys finally just throwing in the towel and leaving the incredibly successful group?

Reports try to elude to a departure from Mr. Styles. No one wants to see the curly-haired lad go. Some rumors say it’s because of Kendall Jenner, though their “relationship” ended a few weeks ago. Other people try to say it’s because he’s doing things on the side and writing music for other people.

Maybe he just likes keeping busy and accomplishing other things while he’s on hiatus.

One story even suggested that Niall Horan and Harry Styles almost came to blows. If anyone has ever watched Horan, he’s the most laid back of the five men. Usually during tense moments, he’s the one giggling and trying to diffuse tension. All of a sudden, he’s fighting with one of his best mates? Not likely.

GossipCop has cleared it up for us. Someone who is close to the band shared with them that one of the stories is laughable and “bogus”. So glad that has been taken care of!

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