Hats Off To Dan “The Man” Abrams

The beyond-struggling cable news network MSNBC recently announced Dan Abrams is now the man in charge. Dan is that oh-so-innocent boy next door with a little sly smirk, who has graced my television set for almost a decade at MSNBC. His charm has taken him from being a special assignment correspondent on the search for Monica Lewinsky’s “love-stained” dress to being the youngest general manager the networks have seen.

What exactly is this charisma, magnetism, allure that Dan bestows upon us? I, for one, can not resist Dan when he’s getting to the bottom of those perplexed legal matters that have us all awake at night – Did OJ do it? Is Dr. Kevorkian really the angel of death? Could Gore have won the election in court? I camped out in front of my television set while Dan camped out at media central as the search for the beltway sniper was in progress.

What am I and the countless other Dan-lovers to do now that he has stumbled into this new position? Who will get to the bottom of the Duke Rape and the Natalee Holloway investigations now that there will be no more of The Abrams Report?

I do worry a little for Dan. Not because he is the youngest to hold this position, and the vultures may eat all five feet nothing of him alive, but because he doesn’t seem to have any management experience. Just because someone is good at working the fry machine at McDonalds doesn’t mean he/she can manage the night shift.

Maybe Dan will surprise us all, and that so undeniable appeal that he has will soar MSNBC right past all the other networks in no time at all. Here’s to you, Dan “The Man” Abrams.

Written by Michaelene Nordfors