Hats Off To Dan “The Man” Abrams

June 30th, 2006 // 5 Comments

The beyond-struggling cable news network MSNBC recently announced Dan Abrams is now the man in charge. Dan is that oh-so-innocent boy next door with a little sly smirk, who has graced my television set for almost a decade at MSNBC. His charm has taken him from being a special assignment correspondent on the search for Monica Lewinsky’s “love-stained” dress to being the youngest general manager the networks have seen.

What exactly is this charisma, magnetism, allure that Dan bestows upon us? I, for one, can not resist Dan when he’s getting to the bottom of those perplexed legal matters that have us all awake at night – Did OJ do it? Is Dr. Kevorkian really the angel of death? Could Gore have won the election in court? I camped out in front of my television set while Dan camped out at media central as the search for the beltway sniper was in progress.

What am I and the countless other Dan-lovers to do now that he has stumbled into this new position? Who will get to the bottom of the Duke Rape and the Natalee Holloway investigations now that there will be no more of The Abrams Report?

I do worry a little for Dan. Not because he is the youngest to hold this position, and the vultures may eat all five feet nothing of him alive, but because he doesn’t seem to have any management experience. Just because someone is good at working the fry machine at McDonalds doesn’t mean he/she can manage the night shift.

Maybe Dan will surprise us all, and that so undeniable appeal that he has will soar MSNBC right past all the other networks in no time at all. Here’s to you, Dan “The Man” Abrams.

Written by Michaelene Nordfors

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. DanLover

    Glad to know I’m not the only one that has taken a liking to Mr. Abrams

  2. Katie

    Add me to the list! Dan’s awesome and I’m going to miss him :( I hope he does well.
    Fire Rita Dan!

  3. Betty Friedan

    Fox is generally a “Republican” i.e. more conservative news channel, while CNN is definitely more Democrat, i.e. more liberal.

    The reason why all channels are focusing on the Duke false-rape claim is because it points out the inequities in the law where female victims and female criminals are protected while male victims are viciously and repeatedly victimized. Hopefully these are the signs of change, where all victims, whether male or female will someday get equal protection under the law and in the public venue.

    47 innocent young men were victimized by two black strippers who ripped them off for $800.00, then destroyed their lives and reputations with only an accusation of rape and an unscrupulous DA who saw a personal political advantage in stoking racial fires and give feminist groups wishing to promote sexist stereotypes for political and financial gains.

    The false-claim was made by the stripper/hooker who was arrested, but after creating the claim, turned from arrested criminal to rape victim and whose story varied from 20 alleged rapists to five and then to three. Then first climing not to have had sex for over a week to confessing to having sex with a “client” the night before, a battery-operated vaginal sex toy at a party before the Duke party, her boyfriend, and then two guys who drove her to the Duke party. She arrived at the Duke house dripping with DNA evidence and left still dripping with DNA that didn’t match any of the boys on the lacrosse team.

    The line up insured only members of the lacrosse team were to be chosen by an inept police department who didn’t seem to want to check on the stripper/hooker’s credibility. Seems like she made a very similar claim in 1996, then made a false claim of kidnapping in 1998, was dishonorably discharged from the Navy, had a child by another man while married, then arrested for grand larceny and attempted murder of a police officer which she was still on probation for when arrested. The false-rape claim save her from being arrested and violating her parole.

    Durham’s District Attorney seems to have a soft spot for black strippers. He didn’t question the frequently changing claims by the stripper/hooker and didn’t revoke her parole. Another black stripper, Kim Roberts Pitman, who was also in violation of her parole when arrested later that March, didn’t get her parole revoked after changing her story to comply with the DA Mike Nifong’s. DA Mike Nifong unscrupulous tactics also included refusing to view iron clad alibis of two of the boys he’s maliciously persecuting, and all of their bails were set at a whopping $400.00.

    I wonder if the boys were willing to give the DA a lap dance maybe he would have waved their bail too.

  4. betty Friedan

    ooops. I meant the boys’ bail waere 400,000.00 each

  5. This lecture by Minister Eric Muhammad speaks powerfully to the Duke rape case and ties the issues of illegal immigration and the Cynthia Mckinney incident together with it to place it within the larger context of America’s race problem.

    It has been deleted by THE WHITE MAN several times due to the truth it speaks to America’s race problem and we’re sure will be deleted again soon. Get it while you can.








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