Hasselhoff Divorce Continues To Get Messier

Not to be outdone by the increasingly bitter and litigious McCartney-Mills divorce, David Hasselhoff and his estranged wife, Pamela Bach, are doing their best to remain in contention for “The Most Painful Celebrity Split for 2006″ award. The Daily Mail has the latest:

David Hasslehoff’s ex-wife has accused the actor of beating her up – breaking her nose – and being so drunk, he loses control of his bladder. In US court papers to overturn a pre-nuptial agreement, Pamela Bach, 43, also claimed he had herpes at the time of their wedding and asked her friend for a threesome. Ex-Baywatch star Hasselhoff, 54, says Ms Bach has her own drink problem and brands her a druggie and bunny-boiler. The confidential court papers which were mysteriously made public include claims Pamela phoned him upto 20 times a day, often screaming obscenities, and broke into his home. Hasselhoff’s lawyers insist the leaked papers were a court mistake but Pamela believes it was an attempt to blacken her name.

With the end of the year just around the corner, I’m guessing the two couples are really going to have to step it up a notch to try and secure their titles. But who are the real winners here? That’s right. The kids. Because the only competition fiercer than this, is the one in which they will engage in an attempt to win the favor of their offspring.

Written by Lisa Timmons