The Hoffs Done Hassling Each Other

December 18th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Here’s Pamela Bach, whom I’ve actually had occasion to spot not too long ago at an event in Hollywood, with what looked like a greasy, younger dude whose turn-ons probably include cougars who stand lots to gain from being married to David Hasselhoff for an extended period of time. All judgy digressions aside, it looks like the animosity between the divorcing parties has dissipated and David and Pamela have both agreed to shared custody of their daughters. A financial settlement was also reached between the two with their January divorce trial now canceled, since they’ve managed to work things out between themselves. And this picture of David at the airport has him smiling and giving the camera a thumbs-up. Aww, I want things to go well for tha Hoff, so this is all good news. Now, if they could just figure out who gets the tanning beds, everything will be completely settled.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By Lisa Timmons

  1. She’s a total pain in the ass . I saw some pics of her at a UFC event on and she dressed like, looked like, and obviously acted like a total whore. Like a grandma’s version of Shauna Sand. With her boobs hanging out, and her skirt too short to cover her ass.

  2. I think david is quite happy this whole thing is settled. It’s time for meeting his pall again, in good AND BAD TIMES: LET’S MEET JOHNNIE WALKER!!

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