Has Spencer Pratt Gone Off The Deep End?

July 26th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Spencer Pratt has gone from sleazy to downright scary after his recent Twitter rant about the perils and price of fame. After his split from Heidi Montag, he’s been acting all kinds of crazy, relaunching KingSpencer.com, crashing The Hills after party, buying guns and generally looking like hell, like he did on Saturday buying a surfboard in Malibu.

The fame whore’s split stemmed from the fact that well, he’s a fame whore and while his tweets were shocking, they none the less made me hate the guy more.

“It takes so much hard work being good at anything” he tweeted. Yes, Spencer: without your wife and MTV propping up your lifestyle…you actually have to work! 

“Having no friends is super easy” he added, soon followed by “If I
didn’t love myself, who would?”
Weirrrrrd. It may sound like whining but it does give you a creepy feeling, right?  

By Lola Robertson

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