Has Ryan Phillippe Found A Young New Girlfriend?

The New York Post is reporting that Ryan Phillippe may be done sulking over his recent break up with Abbie Cornish. A month ago he, Ava, and Deacon Phillippe were at a friend’s house while Cornish was moving out of their home.

This week he showed up to a party with a new girl who, as far as we know, sounds less likely to outshine him professionally.

A spy at Snoop Dogg’s party for his new album More Malice says Phillippe showed up to the Roosevelt Hotel in LA on Monday holding hands with a young brunette in her 20s in “very tight jeans, a cheesy tee — with dark brown, long, straight hair.” They shared four bottles of champagne with some other partygoers.

Cheesy dressier…long straight hair..four bottles of champagne..does Lindsay Lohan have a twin?