Has Rachel Green Hurt Jennifer Aniston?

May 12th, 2006 // 27 Comments

By the look on Jennifer Aniston’s face in the bottom right hand photo, she sure looks pained to be photographed with Courtney Cox.

Jennifer Aniston is convinced her success as Rachel Green in hit sitcom Friends has hampered her movie career. The star was thrilled to find fame with the hit series but admits after 10 years of TV stardom, she is struggling to distance her self from the character – despite the show having ended over two years ago.

And she is wildly grateful to Nicole Holofcener, the director of her new film Friends With Money, for giving her the chance to prove her onscreen diversity.

Speaking to British film magazine Hotdog, Aniston says, “Unfortunately there are re-runs everywhere. Fortunately, we have directors like Nicole in the world who don’t give a s**t! That baggage didn’t stop her seeing me as an actor.”

The latest casting rumor making the rounds is that Jennifer may be teaming up on screen with another Brad Pitt ex. Gossipmonkey is reporting that Jennifer and Gwyneth Paltrow are planning to team up for a film project. The actresses are in discussions to co-star in a thriller, with Aniston playing the part of the villain.

Did ‘Friends’ Hamper Jennifer Aniston’s Film Career? [Starpulse]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ava Verhaal

    The problem is, Rachel Green is the only role she can play. She is not a great actress, a fine actress. Just that. The only thing she does fine is Rachel Green. And the Rachel Green hair.

  2. cruella_deville

    Wah!!! I was on a hugely rated TV sitcom, with job security for 10 years!!! I was married to one of the hottest men on the planet!!! I made gazillions of dollars!!! Wah, feel sorry for me!!! Jesus, I am so tired of this talentless whiner. Get lost!!!

  3. Me

    Can she PLEASE stop complaining…it is all she does… First her marriage…than not having Brad’s baby, now this…That sitcom made her rich and famous. Cry me a river!

  4. Small Fry

    Oh, shut up sweetie. You’d just be some loser daughter of a soap actor if it wasn’t for your stint on Friends. You’re lucky they even gave you that job with your chubby face and your horrible haircut…..and sub-par acting skills.

  5. too sad

    too bad i never like her. denying her past is to negating fans who liked rachel green. if she doesn`t respect rachel green, thought she will be big movie star, i will never respect her.
    too sad.

  6. Brody

    Those “unfortunate” re-runs are the reason she lives the kind of life she does $$$$$$$$$. We’re not dealing with an actress here, we are dealing with a personality. Even that is questionable.

    My advise, shut up!

  7. doofus

    not a jolie OR aniston team member, just for clarification…

    too sad hit it on the head. Rachel Green is what made her famous – she should NOT complain about that part of her life AT ALL.

    and brody, you’re exactly right, too. if it weren’t for syndication, she wouldn’t be as “comfortable” as she is.

    it’s not rachel green that’s keeping her down…it’s (as most of you said) her mediocre acting skills.

  8. las

    “Ooooh, how I hate the role that made me famous! It’s making it tough to be famous the way I WANT! Ooooh, I hate that I had a steady job for ten years with millions raking in all the time! I wish I hadn’t had a starmaking role, which is the only reason I’m in movies at all!”

    Cry us a river, Jen. You’re not the brilliant actor you believe yourself to be. THAT is why your movies are bombing, not because of Rachel.

    I wish she’d stop complaining. First it’s about Brad, then Angelina, then their baby, now her career. Show some bloody grace.

  9. shopzilla

    i like aniston, which no one else commenting seems to….and while I find it silly that she is basically condemning her Rachel role when it was what made her famous (almost as lame as Sienna Miller trashing the paparazzi), I think she’s right. I saw her in “Derailed” and if (like me) you have always had this image of her as sweet Rachel it is understandable that she wants to distance herself by taking meatier roles like the one she played in Derailed.

  10. anon

    Ok seriously, if it weren’t for her run on Friends this bi*ch would be a complete nobody.. not that I can say much more for her right now. Friends is what made her so effing rich and put her in the spotlight, ho needs to stop trying to blame her acting career on the sitcom and start realizing the real reason her movies bomb..

    a hem..

    she.. f&&cking.. SUCKS

  11. dude

    GO JEN !!!!!!! GO JEN !!!!!!! GO JEN !!!!!!! GO JEN !!!!!!! GO JEN !!!!!!! SHE LOOKS GREAT !!!!!!!

  12. Ungrateful B*tch

    She has absolutely NO GRATITUDE to the mediocre show that made her rich and famous. It’s all about her. She deserves to have film success because she wants it. NOW. Wah! Such a spoiled, selfish sense of entitlement.

  13. countrybabe

    I like Jen but she seems to moody lately(since- Brad)I thought she was one of the “best friends” on the show as Rachel, but She doesn’t translate well to film comedy. The comedies she has been doing are horrible in their own right without her. She should have taken a break to find out what sort of films she would excel at. It’s funny that baggage paid her 1.8 million a week for an eight hour day at one time. Not bad.

  14. Original jpf

    She stayed at the party much to long IMO. I think she should have left FRIENDS/Rachel Green behind after 3rd or 4th season IF a movie career was her end plan. It’s the rare tv star that can parlay a career outside of that genre (or even within that genre….think Seinfeld’s cast) if the public has been so saturated with a character, and that character was as popular as Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel was/is.

    I can’t think of one extremely popular tv personality who jumped successfully onto the bigscreen, and I’m also hard pressed to think of many that have had continued popularity as an actor in a different role on the smallscreen escept maybe Ted Danson and Kelsey Grammer.

    Maybe she’ll catch a break, but I just don’t see it. I think the wise move for her would be to just lay low for a couple of years, ala Julia Louis Dreyfus (Old Christine is SO funny! and I haven’t thought of her old role of Elaine once, and I love Elaine), and then return to TV. JMHO

  15. Arnold

    Jennifer is superb actress, one of the best, it is a pity she has been typecast by one part. I hope she can find the parts she wants and the man she dreams of. Brad and Jen were very mismatched. Brad is very vain and she is very comedic, she needs someone genuine and thoughtful like herself. Vince doesn’t suit her at all. I wish her the best.

  16. Gabby

    Jennifer WILL get her BIG BREAK. She just needs to be cast in the right movie.

    I have alot of faith in her. She will overcome the Brangelina fiasco and the typecast of Rachel.

    You just wait and see.

  17. I will watch The Breakup though...

    I agree with everyone here. Her talent is limited. I did like Friends, and if I could ever make the kind of money that she made in just “one” episode, I’d be grateful to the role. To be honest, she was just another sitcom star to me until she met Brad Pitt and that elevated her status. Now that they are no longer together, it’s hard for her to get any real publicity without the pity train trailing her.

    All of her recent movies sucked…sorry..she is the wrong person for Derailed…not even remotely sexy in that movie. My husband thought she looked like a wet dog. But I will see “The Breakup” because I love Vince Vaugnh.

  18. las

    Or she’ll sink into showbiz oblivion.

    The reason she got more attention than her costars was because of Brad, not because she was more or less talented than they. Now Brad is with someone else, and once the media tire of covering JA “getting over him”… who knows?

  19. Marla

    George Clooney and Michael J. Fox made the transition from popular tv series to movies because they can ACT. Aniston is a one trick pony who got lucky when she married Brad Pitt. That alone separated her from the rest of the Friends’ cast – not her acting skills. Being Pitt’s ex is the only reason people are still paying attention to her today.

  20. Galadriel

    Tom Hanks is another who started out in prime time television and moved on to become a huge movie star. Again, he’s a phenomenal actor, JA is not.

  21. Ross Gellar

    We were on a break!

    Also: she’s a mediocre actress and not really all that cute. And everyone’s fucking sick to death of her crying the blues about Brad Pitt’s defection. Yes, sad, but grieve in private and go on. Make shitty romantic comedies no one will see. That’s what you do, Rachel, er, Jennifer.


  22. sugar

    I agree w/ most of the ppl commenting here. I liked her on friends, but i have’nt liked her in any of her film roles so far, not even ‘the good girl’ which alot of ppl seemed to like. She sounds so ungrateful, she got paid millions of dollars for friends and she sounds ridiculous complaining about it now, i bet she wasn’t complaining when she was cashing those checks. She seems to have trouble accepting responsibility for her failures, kinda like how she blamed everyone but her own skills for the failure of her other movie ‘rumor has it’.

  23. las

    Ross, hear hear! I really am tired of “boo hoo, I cared most about my career and my husband left!” Shut UP.

  24. Green Eyed Angell

    1. Maybe I’m too young, but what sitcom did Tom Hanks start out in?

    2. I liked her in Along Came Polly (but then again, that was a very “Rachelesque” roll, and you have to love Ben)

  25. doofus

    to green eyed angel…

    Tom Hanks was one of the buddies on “Bosom Buddies”, a fairly funny sitcom about an ad team (Hanks and Peter Scolari) who lost their apartment and the only one they could afford was in a very nice “women’s only” apartment building, so they dressed in drag when “at home”.

    Also starred Donna Dixon and (I might have this name wrong) Amy Jo Sperber? (played Marty’s sister in Back to the Future…)

    if you can catch an old episode, you can see how talented Tom Hanks was, even in a sitcom role.

  26. Green Eyed Angell

    Thanks! He is an amazing great actor, I’m counting the seconds ’til the Da Vinci Code!!

  27. One Tough Crowd Here!!

    There are many actors who turn TV roles down because they tend to type cast the actor. So this is a known and common problem. Sarah J. Parker comes to mind right away. HBO had a heck of a time signing her.

    If you haven’t seen Aniston’s interview at Sundance (by the IFC I think), you may want to reconsider. My take on her comments were of frustration and appreciation, and not whiny at all. She just stated a fact. This woman can’t say anything that doesn’t get twisted 5 ways to Sunday.

    As for her ability, Friends was the most successful sitcom ever. And whether you like it or not, Aniston was partly responsible for it. She’s just getting started in the movie biz and magic doesn’t usually happen over night. Just pick a handful of her “competitors” and then look up how many more movies they have completed. You all are just being too darn negative.

    It’s really almost not worth say, but I’ll do it anyway… LOOK IN THE MIRROR before you say anything ugly about someone else’s looks. At 37, Aniston has one heck of a figure that most women would die for!.

    What were you folks thinking….

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