Has ‘Glee’ Got Gwyneth Paltrow On Board?

Fox’s hit show just seems to be getting guest stars out the wazoo. Much in the same way that creator Ryan Murphy’s other show Nip/Tuck garnered cameos, so, too, is Glee.

E! Online is reporting that Gwyneth Paltrow is in talks for a two-episode story airing in November and it seems as if she’ll be singing. Reports say that Paltrow could be playing a love interest for Matthew Morrison’s character and that she would be playing a substitute teacher who takes over the glee club when Mr. Schuester gets sick.

Paltrow, seen here leaving a restaurant in London, is no stranger to singing and her upcoming feature film Country Strong places her in the central role as a washed out country singer.

The second season of the show premieres tonight on Fox!