Has The Kate Upton Fad Run It’s Course?

No denying the fact that Ms. Kate Upton is a full blown blonde bombshell but has her burst of stardom come to an end?

Kate Upton was first declared “Rookie of the Year” by Sports Illustrated back in 2011. Earlier this year she graced the cover of the this infamous magazine with her rockin’ bod as the 2012 cover girl. She had men gawking at her voluptuous curves, and was even being compared to early Anna Nicole Smith.

Kate really is a rookie; this hot tamale is only twenty years young and has already made more in this past year than some make in a lifetime. So now that this little mamma is rollin’ in the dough what is she to do with it all? After making the cover of Sports Illustrated what is a young hottie tottie’s next move? 

This is where all the Upton controversy begins. After amounting to top charts in her modeling field is her career done? Some say that Kate being that she is so curvacious is not fit for runway and can only do swimsuit modeling.

So drop by your thoughts on this model mayhem. Has Kate’s career come to a null, or will she have many more modeling years in her future?