Has Star Magazine Gone Too Far With Angelina?

February 2nd, 2011 // 6 Comments

I mean, in the business of gossip-mongering, of course it’s to be expected to take bare facts and stretch them into fanciful stories because…well, honestly, people eat it up. If they didn’t there wouldn’t be so many tabloid magazines or websites. However, sometimes publications go a bit too far and I think this is one of those times.

Star Magazine is now brandishing Angelina Jolie‘s kids in a ‘down syndrome drama,’ which is pretty fucking low. I mean, even if her kids had some sort of handicap, is it the place of anyone to point it out? And while I think it’s one thing to put Angelina on blast because she’s chosen to put herself in the public eye, kids are usually a different story.

What do you think of Star’s cover? I wouldn’t be surprised if they sued over this…

And to prove that Angelina and Brad are human – which I think was another Star cover that they were actually aliens – there are some screen caps from the Golden Globes where she was seen putting on some lip balm and fixing hubby’s tie.

By Justin Thompson

  1. peacemaker

    I read this false accusation of down syndrome before from internet and some tabs like enquiry,who are known for bogus reporting. Only low class people will believe this kind of news. This started from a haters and evil work of mind of a certain person. Boycott this kind of magazine ,we as readers have power to fight what the bad system of journalism, specially when kids are being the subject of redicule, the most vulnerable innocent one. We as society have the responsibility to war against this crazy writers and reporters. Since they can shake the couple Brad and Angelina to break up ,so they turn to their kids.. What a crap of evil mind. Sorry, were not buying all your garbage headlines and all false stories about this wonderful couple and their children. May God protect them, from people that hate and want to destroy them, because of jealousy. May the wrath of Angels punish this evil doers.

  2. gracie

    Oh, that is so low. And I am a major celebrity fan and have read this particular magazine before. I didn’t re-up my subscription, because it goes below low and the stories aren’t even believable much of the time. But those babies do not have any Down Syndrome markers. They don’t have the particular eye shape that Down Syndrome children have. They don’t appear to have “tongue thrust”, a trait very frequently seen in children who have inherited Down Syndrome. I have seen them in other photos being carried by their parents, and Vivienne looks a lot like Shiloh, and Knox is a handsome, little fella. Not that children with Down Syndrome are not cute and handsome. They certainly often are. But I taught Special Education for 25 years and these photos prove nothing and if they did and this magazine had the poor judgment to put a photo on the cover, that is way beyond invading someone’s privacy. That is taking two vulnerable babies and invading their very lives, which is unconscionable. But, from what I have seen in other photos and in these photos, that look like Knox had to have a nap and Vivienne may be worn out, as well, I see nothing that appears to be Down Syndrome with these adorable twins. I hope that Brad and Angie do sue because that’s what it often takes to bring any sort of journalistic value to a magazine like this one.

  3. I feel like children should not ever be the focus of tabloid stories. Their parents are the celebrities, not them. But it’s not surprising – tabloids have claimed that Shiloh is a lesbian, that Pax had AIDS, and that Zahara was a product of rape. This isn’t even the first time they’ve said the twins have downs.

  4. marie

    I agree with the above comments. Although I do have to say that it seems Angie and Brad like other celebs do allow themselves AND there kids to shot alot more when there is something to promoted. Im not saying this makes stories like this OK but if celebs really want to protect to their kids, family and friends from the same media/tabloid glare then they should increase their efforts to protect them from being photographed at any time…even during a film or other project promo period. There are some celebs who protect their kids so well you wouldnt know what they looked like if you saw them. A list actors have the resources and ability to do the same if they want. It’s a two way street. Again, NOT condoning this article, just making an observation.

  5. Valerina Shaw

    I will not be buying STAR magazine anymore… I cannot believe they would even have the guts to put something to hurtful like this on their front page… So what if they have down syndrome???? You’re justified to put shyt like this out in the puiblic? I know celebrities are in the business of having their life be in the public but we have to remember that they’re humans as well and they have feelings. Can you even imagine something like this about someone in your own life that you love and care about, splashed on a tabliod paper like this? Just plain out wrong.

  6. Anonymous

    This time even Star Magazine has hit its very lowest by coming up with the ugliest story EVER! How dare they write things like this about two very adorable little chidlren? Those two don´t have any markers of Down´s Syndrome. I have seen many children and adults with DS in my lifetime and these two cuties look totally healthy to me. The haters have come up with this ugly rumor to make Angie and Brad look bad parents since they don´t bring them to public eye as often as the older children. And that´s how the rumors of something being totally wrong with Knox and Viv´s health began. I really wish that this time Brad and Angie will take legal action against Star because this story really is horrible. Someone should finally give these rags a good lesson and make them pay! Both Knox and Viv look like they´ve just woken up from their nap and that´s why they look sleepy – not like DS children! Shame on you, Star!

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