Has Star Magazine Gone Too Far With Angelina?

I mean, in the business of gossip-mongering, of course it’s to be expected to take bare facts and stretch them into fanciful stories because…well, honestly, people eat it up. If they didn’t there wouldn’t be so many tabloid magazines or websites. However, sometimes publications go a bit too far and I think this is one of those times.

Star Magazine is now brandishing Angelina Jolie’s kids in a ‘down syndrome drama,’ which is pretty fucking low. I mean, even if her kids had some sort of handicap, is it the place of anyone to point it out? And while I think it’s one thing to put Angelina on blast because she’s chosen to put herself in the public eye, kids are usually a different story.

What do you think of Star’s cover? I wouldn’t be surprised if they sued over this…

And to prove that Angelina and Brad are human – which I think was another Star cover that they were actually aliens – there are some screen caps from the Golden Globes where she was seen putting on some lip balm and fixing hubby’s tie.