Has Jude Law Put On Some Weight, Or Is It Just The Clothes? [PHOTOS]

Jude Shirtless
Jude Law enjoys some down time in Cannes.
The always colorful dresser, Jude Law, was spotted running errands in London, England yesterday (September 12, 2012) wearing green sweatpants, a baggy grey t-shirt, an army green jacket and flip flops.

I can’t tell if Jude’s t-shirt is just hanging in an odd way, or if the actor has a bit of a belly?

Speaking of changes in appearances… 

It looks like Jude is also sporting a fuller head of hair. The 39-year-old actor had a much thicker head of hair on show at the Toronto Film Festival than he had done just a few months previously.

Speaking at the Anna Karenina premiere, he said: “I didn’t look quite the same as I do on set, off set, but my haircut didn’t go down very well with my children. I think that’s why I wore a hat for the best part of three months.”

Hair transplant anyone?

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