Has Courtney Stodden Had Some Face Work Done? [PHOTOS]

A Young Courtney Stodden
The young bride as a fresh-faced youngster.
Courtney Ruins Halloween
Courtney Stodden is a little inappropriate at pumpkin patch.
Now, is it just us, or does it look like child bride Courtney Stodden has had some plastic surgery done?

While looking through some of Courtney’s most recent Twitter photos, we over at SOCIALITE LIFE noticed that she didn’t quite look like the overly sexed bunny we’ve come to know and be disturbed by. After some scrutiny, we think she’s clearly done something to her nose and her mouth.

Check out the side by side photo above, the first one from February and the second one from this month. Her nose looks completely different and her mouth is looking way plumper. She could never have pulled off red lipstick before! 

Courtney hasn’t said anything about getting plastic surgery, but based on what we know about her I don’t think it would too far a cry from the truth. Sure, she claims her boob are real, but doesn’t mean the rest of her has to be.

Launch the gallery to check out a sampling of Courtney’s latest Twipics. What do you guys think? Has she had work done? Does it look better? Will she always have that hooker look anyway? Sound off in the comments!