Harvey Weinstein Defends Hollywood’s Nepotism Toward His Fashion-Designing Girlfriend

The hot bitches at Gawker have a bit about how Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein strongarms ho’s towards wearing his girlfriend’s designs because he’s Harvey Weinstein . How come she never sent me any clothes? I’d please Harvey Weinstein. He’s made some hot flicks.

It’s generally understood among people who generally understand this sort of thing that the only reason award-show-going actresses wear designs from upstart UK fashion duo Marchesa is that the brunette Georgina Chapman half of the company is banging Harvey Weinstein. Today, the Times saddles up the elephant in the room and rides it around the petting zoo, getting plenty of fashion insiders to subtly imply that Marchesa would be nothing without the Miramax heavyweight’s fiscal support and strong-army influence. But what does Harvey make of the haters? “The people who say things like that are just jealous. It takes away from the talent that Marchesa has exemplified.” Talent for what, though, he didn’t say.

Seriously, I don’t give a shit. I’ll cowtow. Make me a basque or a corset or a sari. A turban? God, I want some clothes that don’t come from Old Navy.