Harvey Levin: I, Like, Made Kim Kardashian!

Mean Girl Harvey Levin (or founder of TMZ) says TMZ is largely responsible for Kim Kardashian’s celebrity. Makes sense to me…why else would she be famous? One sex tape just doesn’t cut it people.

Levin said his staff at TMZ are responsible for the quick fame and success of Kardashian (pictured dining at Nobu on Friday).

“They saw her with Paris Hilton, strutting past Tara Reid, who couldn’t
get into the club,” Levin said Tuesday at The Wrap’s media convention, TheGrill. “So we started putting her
up on the site.”

“You’re saying you helped create Kim Kardashian?” asked the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of TheWrap.com.

“Well … we did,” Levin said.

Wonder what Kim has to say about this…