Harry’s Off To War


The head of the British Army has confirmed that Prince Harry’s off to the front line in Iraq . Maybe his redheaded sexy will be enough to end the fighting. Yeah, I just said that.

Gen. Sir Richard Dannatt said the decision would be kept under review, but he hoped his statement would end media speculation on Harry’s deployment.

“I would urge that the somewhat frenzied media activity surrounding this particular story should cease in the interests of the overall security of all our people deployed in Iraq,” Dannatt said.

Clarence House, Prince Charles’ London office, would not comment on the statement.

Harry, a 22-year-old second lieutenant, is a tank commander trained to lead a 12-man team in four armored reconnaissance vehicles. If deployed, he would become the first royal to serve in a war zone since his uncle, Prince Andrew, flew as a helicopter pilot in Britain’s conflict with Argentina over the Falkland Islands in 1982.

I know there’s thousands of men and women who are risking their lives everyday in a war zone so why should we focus on one royal guy? Well, because this is a gossip blog, and he’s famous and a redhead and a right sexy beast. And he gets in fights with the paps when they photograph him out with someone other than his chick. None of those reasons hold any water whatsoever, but it’s Monday, and everyone’s aware that war sucks, and might as well make the most of it by reporting on sexy people.

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