Harry Potter’s Wand

February 25th, 2007 // 12 Comments

Damn, and he’s packing larger than I am. Shit. What, he gets to star in million dollar movies and cast magic spells and save the world and go to school with interesting British character actors AND have an ok dick? I hate being Irish.

Click here for the NSFW photo.

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By J. Harvey

  1. jillian

    hate to be the on to tell you this but this is a fake photo manip. the person who did it admitted that is was fake… plus I’ve seen the play and that is definatly NOT his :P

  2. sandy

    Plus he is short and you are perfect!

  3. Marnie

    What type of parents would let their 17 year old kid pose nude on live stage?

  4. Marnie…

    “What type of parents…”

    the kind that raised a young adult that has been in the business since he was 10 years old and knows his own mind…

    Lighten up. He’s 17 years old, not 11. Old enough to know his own mind and make his own decisions. Had his parents chosen to oppose his choice, legally it wouldn’t have meant squat.

  5. What exactly do his parents have to do with this???

    In the UK you can drink, have sex or enlist in the military at the age of 16…but heaven forbid you wanna show your willie!!!!

    We tend to be a bit more prudish here in the states eh, Marnie?

    He’s a young man that wants to continue making his living as an actor. To date, type cast as Harry Potter. This is a brilliant, if risky move on his part…and it’s paying off.

    Worry about yourself and leave Daniels’ private parts for him to take care of.

  6. jonie

    thats such a gross looking penis. and hes not even circumsized. ew

  7. missy

    ok so regardless of whether or not it’s his, dr drew says success can make your penis somewhat bigger, at least temporarily. he says ceos and presidents have huge ones. so if yours is slightly smaller than his, just wait until they crown you queen of the internet and then poof.

  8. Uh…my husband is Irish and so NOT lacking there. Besides, I’ve read over and over that Daniel Radcliffe’s photo is a FAKE.

  9. Cassie

    Who cares if it’s his or not?
    Who cares if it’s gross or not?
    Not like they’re the most beautiful things in the world.
    And I do believe he has the right to show it off, right?
    And its a play.
    Not like he took the role to just show it off.
    Get a life.

  10. Hamit

    Definitely a fake. Look at the proportion of the legs to the rest of his body. Yikes. The legs are massive and he’s a skinny guy. You also don’t prop your foot on a horse’s leg like that…



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