Harry Styles Spends Another Night With Taylor Swift, Gets Brunch With Her Mama [PHOTOS]

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift
The duo spent the afternoon in Central Park.
Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are really moving at a rapid pace with this new relationship of theirs.

After only about a month of dating, Harry and Taylor are already on their 439th sleepover. OK, so that’s not totally true, but you get where I’m going with this. So. Many. Sleepovers. This sleepover was particularly entertaining as it ended with Harry, Taylor and Taylor’s mom getting breakfast.

Think Harry’s One Direction bandmates miss him when he’s away with Taylor? He totally missed out on dude tattoo night to hang out with her. That’s got hurt the boys on some level, right?

Although the boys do love Taylor. Well, at least we think that the rest of the One Direction boys really like her. Could you imagine if she was like the Yoko Ono? How awful would that be! Although the thought of Harry and Taylor doing a bed in protest together is pretty funny.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Harry and Taylor’s morning outing. Also, Harry likes In-N-Out. I believe he’s the perfect man. What do you guys think of the all the Tarry sleepovers? Think the 1D boys miss him? Sound off in the comments!