Harry Styles Shows Off His New Tattoos As One Direction Heads Back To America [PHOTOS]

Harry Styles to buy!
One Direction star goes real estate shopping in London
One Direction Dolls!
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Well look who has decided to grace us once again with their presence! It’s One Direction!

The ridiculously popular boy band was spotted at JFK airport late last night making their way back to the US. When do these boys ever get a chance to be at home? One minute they’re in America, the next they’re in Spain–don’t you guys need a nap?

Band member Harry Styles didn’t seem to let the constant traveling, or the crazy mob of fans, get to him. The singer showed off his brand new chest tattoo, which he got last time he was in Los Angeles. You know, at first I was a little skeptical of it, but it’s actually pretty cool. Side note: how cute is Liam Payne with that camera. Hey Niall Horan! Where’s your girlfriend?

You guys have heard about Niall’s new girlfriend, right? The blonde was spotted just last week with Amy Green, his supposed to new love interest. Aww, it’s great, now Niall and Harry can bond over their new ladies. Niall’s got Amy and Harry has got Taylor Swift. Maybe. Probably. I mean, she’s buying real estate in London to be closer to him.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cuteness that is One Direction. Sure, some young girls will call them hot, but honestly, they are so cute. Like in that “oh I just wanna pinch your cheeks and pour you a cup of hot cocoa” cute. Am I right? Leave us your thoughts on the boys in the comments!