Harry Styles Shops For Art, Named ‘Villain Of The Year’ [PHOTOS]

Harry Gets Inked
The One Direction cutie gets some new tattoos.
Harry Styles & Taylor Swift
The duo spent the afternoon in Central Park.
Singer Harry Styles was spotted perusing some new art last night (February 28, 2013) at a private view event in London, during some rare downtime from One Direction’s UK tour.

Harry was spotted seemingly on his own while carrying a large brochure as he inspected some of the artwork, taken from 120 galleries from across the globe, with rumors suggesting he was looking for something to decorate his new pad.

Harry was in a good mood, which cannot be said for his fans. The are none to pleased that NME named him “Villain of the Year” and named One Direction the “Worst Band.”

The news didn’t seem to bother Harry who tweeted… 

And thank you to @NME for my award tonight. Gotta take the rough with the smooth eh?

Unfortunately, dedicated Directioners weren’t as willing to laugh it off. Tweeting, “I may be bias (sic) here but NME are dicks,” opined one fan. Another chewed NME’s virtual ear off: “@nme of course..you gave totally wrong award to our hero, to our angel! Harry isn’t a villain and One Direction isn’t the worst band!!!”

One Direction has such passionate fans. Those fans are reportedly even sending death threats to the girl who tossed a shoe at Harry Styles which ended up hitting him in the crotch.

14-year-old Jade Anderson, revealed to Celebuzz, “I have [received] some death threats on Twitter from people. But most people have been really nice to me.”

“I think some One Direction fans are jealous because of all the attention I am getting,” she added. “But I did not plan it that way and did not mean Harry any harm. If we could meet in person, then I would apologize to him about it.”

Play nice kids!