Harry Styles Really Loves Starbucks, Trying To Get Niall Horan To Spend All His Money [PHOTOS]

Harry Styles to buy!
One Direction star goes real estate shopping in London
Hey Harry Styles, having an energy crash over there?

The One Direction heartthrob was spotted in Chelsea grabbing some coffee for what we can only assume is a huge number of people. Looks like Harry was the errand boy that day! The singer popped over to the local Starbucks from the recording studio he was at. Hmm, what do you think he was recording at this studio?

Now, I know Harry is only 18, by my god he’s adorable. Seriously, look at that smile and that perfect hair! It’s really all about the hair. Let’s hope he’s not serious about the whole shaving his head thing. So, why exactly does he want Niall Horan to spend all his money?

Niall’s money, not Harry’s. Well, apparently Harry feels Niall isn’t living life to fullest. Harry has fancy watches, a swanky house, loads of bitches, while Niall doesn’t even own a car. You know, I think Niall’s OK on this one. He’s like, what, 19? He can wait till 20 to by a big ass house and fancy car. Don’t grow up too fast!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Harry and his killer smile. You’ll especially like it if you’re a teenage girl. Not saying that others won’t. What do you guys think about Niall’s financial life? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!