Harry Styles Looks Hot As He Hangs With Friends & Poses With Fans

Harry Gets Inked
The One Direction cutie gets some new tattoos.
Oh hey Harry Styles. Look at you being all attractive today.

The One Direction hottie was spotted in New York City earlier today hanging out with his buddy James Corden and James’ family. Aww, look at James’ family. Harry, why aren’t you shirtless and holding his baby?

At least he made some time to take photos with fans. Aww, look at how much they love him. I like that he’s basically just walking down the street and these girls are flocking to him. Also, reason #7,802 that Harry is gem. 

Look at how cute he is helping out with the stroller. Adorable. Also also, you all did see the video of Zayn eating a candy thong off of Harry? Watch it now!

And after you’ve watched it, launch the gallery to check out all the cute photos of Harry in NYC. Love that kid. Just love him. However, do not love those green running shoes. Discuss.