Harry Styles And Liam Payne Enjoy An Early Morning Hike To Machu Picchu In Peru

Harry Styles in GIFS
Because Harry is even better in GIF form.
Who doesn’t enjoy a hike up Machu Picchu at the ass crack of dawn? I know Harry Styles and Liam Payne do!

The One Direction boys were spotted in Peru yesterday enjoying a hike up the world wonder alongside their friend Ben Winston and a slew of cameras. I’m assuming this will all be part of their next documentary.

Harry and Liam looked pensive as they enjoyed the view. I bet they’re sitting there thinking about all the crazy shit that’s happened in their lives. So, where were the other three? 

If you were curious about that, then Ben Winston has your answer.

So basically Niall, Zayn and Louis are my spirit animals cause all they wanted to do was sleep in. I get it fellas. I. Get. It. But they seem to have missed quite the view.

Hopefully there will be more visits to Peru so they’ll have a chance to check out Machu Picchu. I applaud you Liam and Harry for getting up early. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the boy’s hike. They’re ridiculously cute.