Harrison Ford Gettin’ Crusty

Harrison Ford, 65, will take that camera and turn it into a suppository for you. He doesn’t suffer fools. Here he is with his intended Calista Flockhart. That yenta behind him is like “Loretta, don’t look. But it’s Harrison Ford, and he got old!” He can hear you behind that purse, ma’am. It’s not a soundproofed.

Harrison and Calista are allegedly making it official this summer, and want celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to cook for their wedding. Calista heard from Jennifer Aniston that Jamie is available for special occasions if you can afford him, and wants to secure his services.

Jennifer once flew Jamie over to cook for Brad Pitt, and look how that turned out. Calista better watch herself. The British aren’t known for their food (stick to Indian or McDonald’s when you’re over there) and she might end up sending Indiana Jones up out of her bed.

Photos: FlynetOnilne.com