Harrison Ford Trips Over Rachel McAdams’ Red Dress

At the Berlin premiere of their film Morning Glory last night, 68-year-old Harrison Ford accidentally stepped on Rachel McAdams’ gorgeous red gown and nearly tripped the actress.

While she laughed off the faux paus on her magnificent Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2011 dress, Ford looked horrified that he did such a thing. And McAdams, who plays a tv producer in the new film, admitted she found it daunting starring alongside Ford, who is a childhood hero of hers…

“I grew up watching Harrison. I loved, loved Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was my favorite, hands down, movie growing up. I wore out the tape. It was surreal working with him; I had to pinch myself. I never mentioned it to him though. I didn’t want to gush all over him. I used it in the film, though. I channeled it into that scene where Becky gushes over Mike Pomeroy. So my childhood obsession turned out to be very helpful,” she said.

So cute! What do you think of her dress? Isn’t it amazing? And she’s so gorgeous and she knows exactly how to work it…Ahhh…swoon.