Harrison Ford And Rachel McAdams Hit The London Premiere Of ‘Morning Glory’

Harrison Ford, Patrick Wilson and Rachel McAdams arrived at the London premiere of Morning Glory perhaps a little disappointed in the turnout.  It probably wasn’t quite the crowd they expected.  In fact, I’m not sure the three could name more than one British “celebrity” who showed up: Peter Andre, Kerry Katona, Trinny Woodall, Aggro Santos, Alison Hammond, Gillian McKeith, and Amy Childs.  Co-star Diane Keaton probably got hold of the guest list prior to the event and called in sick.

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McAdams wore a dress by Suno and Ford topped off his dapper suit with a turquoise scarf to fight the cold London weather.  McAdams recently said she has always been a fan of Ford,

I grew up watching Harrison. I loved, loved Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was my favourite, hands down, movie growing up. I wore out the tape. It was surreal working with him; I had to pinch myself.  I never mentioned it to him though. I didn’t want to gush all over him. I used it in the film, though. I channeled it into that scene where Becky gushes over Mike Pomeroy. So my childhood obsession turned out to be very helpful.”