Harper & Victoria Beckham Touch Down In NYC, Both Look Flawless [PHOTOS]

Harper At The '12 Games
The tot geared up for her first Olympics.
Harper & Victoria Beckham are probably the most fabulous and well dressed mother/daughter duo in Hollywood.

Sure, Suri Cruise is the queen of the celebrity child fashion world, but sadly her mother Katie Holmes often brings down the duos overall score. You’ll never get that with Harper and Victoria. Nope. Those two look fabulous even if they’re at the airport.

Case in point, the Beckham ladies touched down at JFK airport earlier today and both of them looked amazing. Sure Harper is just a baby, but she looked pretty cute in a grey top, brown pants and tiny little Nikes. Tiny shoes are the cutest shoes. Victoria looked gorgeous in an all black ensemble complete with sunglasses and heels. How do they do it?

Well, I think it helps that Victoria looks amazing while doing anything. You’d think it’s just the airport or runway, but nope. She even pulls off a polished look while watching her son play soccer. It must be some sort of gift that we lesser beings don’t possess.

Hopefully Harper has inherited the actual looking flawless gift from her mother, and isn’t just making it up as she goes along. I know what you’re thinking, she’s only 1. But believe you me, 1-year-olds have some crazy opinions. It’s like, “Baby! I’m gonna put this headband in your hair and you’re not going to get upset because you’re a baby!”

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